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Luke Morris
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Santa! Santa! Santa!
You've been an absolute star. Thanks mate.

My avatar is of a Japanese "talent" (actress/adverts/singer/model) called Rosa Kato. She's half Italian I believe. I don't care for her much except for this little clip I found which is quite alluring I'm sure you agree. Here's the original advert:

If I was forced to choose another half-Japanese "talent" that I preferred then it would definitely be Becky. She's half-English and pretty funny actually.


My name is Luke. I have many hobbies and boardgames are one of them. I am one of those guys who have an overactive sense of humour. Humour's massively important to me and I build friendship by carefully selecting the right time after meeting someone to make fun of them. If they make fun of me back then we're friends. If not then I guess my doctor makes some money - so it's win-win. So, I take things very lightly on this website. If I'm saying something that seems offensive to you then it's probably my attempt at being funny - I didn't say I was great at it, just that it was important to me!

I'm 35. Married at 23. One daughter, born 19th September 2012 and another born in January of this year (2016). Enjoy gaming but also enjoy a wide variety of sports, music, movies, reading etc etc.

I moved to Japan from England in June 2008 to teach English to children. I moved back to England in December 2012 after 4.5 years of enjoyment and fun.

I have been able to write a manual on game creation and design for use with English teaching within lessons which our company print out and provide for every new trainee teacher with the company...which is nice.

I've also had the chance to give presentations on game theory in staff meetings and seminars.

Top 10 are my top 10 games (obviously!)
Hot 10 are the games that I've designed and are completed. In order of how happy I am with them and how much I enjoy playing them.

Hunt down all my old podcasts here: http://happyhappyboardgames.jellycast.com/

I'm a jobbing games designer, my newest creations being:

Survival of the Fittest, a backstabbing party game mixing the less annoying parts of Bang with alliances and uncertainties of Resistance
and Werewolf, with pointing fingers at eachother to attack like Cash n Guns. Groovy. I have copies available to purchase so check it out and message me!

Hanabi: Festival, very sneakily named after Antoine Bauza's successful game (actually it isn't, I came up with the name for this a few years ago cos Hanabi is just fireworks in Japanese). It's a rummy style set collection and point scoring game based around fireworks displays during a Japanese summer festival. I have copies available for purchase so check it out and message me!

Footy Manager, a print and play football management game that plays solo up to (theoretically) 8 players. I've designed it so that that base game can be played or players can use "modules" to expand the complexity or experience - such as cup competitions, youth squad, suspensions etc. It also has scenarios to offer something a bit different. I really like it and you will too...as long as you don't mind dice.

Tour: Cycle Free, a dice-less strategy cycling race game. It's p&p and offers funfunfun for FREEEEEEE! It also has an evolving ruleset as people play and come up with better ideas than me. I'm also looking at PBEM possibilities to eventually get a tour or season up and running for those of us who will struggle to find frequent opponents!

KABOOM!, a party game in the Bang/Werewolf envelope. Roll some dice, attack your opponents, slag them off for their own actions. Beautiful. Best of all, it's cheap cheap cheap!

I'm not afraid to tackle any subject and enjoy the process of bringing playability to a concept.

I also play cricket for a local village team and have won the batsman of the year award for the two most recent seasons - something I'm annoyingly proud about.

My biggest hobby these days, however, is playing bass in an alternative rock band called Tiny Ghost. Our influences include Sonic Youth, Pixies, Pavement and other such '80s/'90s noisy stuff. Here's a video or something. It's our disco song:

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#1: Tour: Cycle Free
#2: Footy Manager
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