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Evolution of a BoardGameGeek
Era un giorno come tutti gli altri; ma denso di quelli avvenimenti che avrebbero sconvolto il corso della storia. Nueva York: otto milione di abitanti, otto milione di storie. Ora, ecco ne uno.

My childhood games from growing up in Tucson AZ include in some rough chronological order Uncle Wiggly, Mille Borne, Mousetrap, Rook and chinese checkers. 2 games I can distinctly remember being obsessed with were Monopoly and Risk. 'Obsessed' does not mean I played them a lot, rather I played them 2 or 3 times and wanted to play again to the point of dreaming about ideal scenarios. (This still happens to some degree today with other games.) There were obscure games that to this day I can't recall the names of and would love to get help identifying them. One was a spy themed game possibly 007 related; a game where we used Matchbox cars for movement pieces - possibly Matchbox sponsored?; and some jungle safari theme roll-and-move game which had rubies (which I had never heard of before!)

Other than learning poker from my parents, then more Rook and Risk I don't recall much happening with games through teenage years. Most Boy Scout outings included some form of card games.

Step #1 in the evolution of a Geek came during college years. I thought the whole D&D thing had missed me completely until my brother-in-law invited me into a Hero system game. This group also played a few board games. More accurately they played 3 games: Wabbit Wampage, Junta, and most significantly Fortress America.

An air traffic control job moved me to southern California which despite a few road trips eventually ended the RPG. At one point I found a copy of Fortress America in a used bookstore for $7. Somehow it came about that a coworker friend learned that I owned this game. I vividly remember that moment as his radar honed in on this fact. My fate was sealed. Steve was and still is an avid wargamer. To his credit he was open to several other games. This may have been an issue of practicality as his wife would play other games, but not the wargames. We connected with Steve #2 who owned an older game I had not heard of: Acquire.

Steve #1 eventually triggered step #2 in my evolution when he finally convinced me around 1992 to go to a game convention held 3 times yearly called Strategicon. I don't know how long I would have resisted if it hadn't been 1 mile from my house. At the Con I tried to dabble in a little of everything, even an RPG named Beavis and Butthead in Space. Everything I saw except Cribbage and Charades was brand new to me. My pivotal game was Eurorails. I watched a little bit of it and gave it a try, winning the tournament my first time out. I even felt a little embarrassed beating experienced players so I never told the other finalists it was my first time.

It must have been my second Strategicon when I learned some people didn't pay for their con, rather they were comped their badge by volunteering to moderate games. Cheapskate heaven! Not only do I avoid paying for a hotel room by riding my bike there each day, now I'm saving the $30 to get in! The next year I put out a flyer there inviting people for a day of gaming at my house (dubbed by Phil F. as Some Guy's Housecon). To my amazement a dozen people showed up. This was when I learned this could be a full-fledged hobby.

Through charades at the con I met Dave Arnott. I don't know what he liked about me as a gamer but the most significant step in my evolution came when he invited me into a weekly gaming group in the San Fernando Valley. These people played EVERY WEEK. They knew all the newest games. Regulars there included Jonathan Degann and Mark Johnson. I joined other regular gaming groups in Long Beach and Redondo Beach (TRW) and eventually started my own. So at one point I was gaming 3-4 days a week. That's when I joined Gamers Anonymous I do NOT have a problem. I can quit any time.

I believe the evolution was complete in 2003. I was invited by Dave to the Gathering and by Roderick Lee to the WBC. Now this cheapskate is spending his own money for not only hotel rooms but for airline tickets, actually crossing multiple time zones just for games. I was unable to return to GoF but despite being privatized by Lockheed Martin (hello, Tom McCorry) and moving back to Arizona I have not missed WBC since, and made it to BGG.con in 2007. If things go well in '08 I'll even make it to Essen.

A collection of quotes from BGG
"I took my three boys to the Hill Air Force Museum last summer and there was an old vet wandering around talking to his penis." -Sky Knight X

other gaming quotes:
"Never confuse handcuffs with monkeys." -Bill Cleary; Gangsters

"I play Ra with 3 or 4 stuffed animals; I like to think I'm objective." -Davyd Field

"I've heard wonderful stories about the lunatic." -Sam Brosius; Werewolf

"Maybe I'll get lucky with the pigs." -Jonathan Flagg; Eurorails

"Oh, that's me..." -David Wolcott (frequent quote, usually at the wrong time); Citadels

"I was so busy meta-gaming I forgot to game." -Winton Lemoine

"We're not playing for rent money." -Bob Claster

"No you don't understand; It's the cards in my hand!" -Michelle Hymowitz; Modern Art

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job's a game! ..outside the scope of BGG."
-paraphrasing Mary Poppins

"I sure hope I break even because I could use the money." -Dave Theobald; poker

"Werewoofs don't go to heaven, bitch!" -Hallie Stringer; Werewolf (2015)
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