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Sean D.
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I started playing games at a really early age with my brothers. I played a lot of monopoly with the whole family, Risk with the brothers, Stock Ticker, Clue, Trivial Pursuit and most all of the classics.

My brothers were a bit older and they got into D&D in High School, when I finally begged borrowed and stoled a copy of the basic rules in grade 6 along with a copy of Keep on the borderlands from my brother's room! I was hooked from there on with D&D, and I used to read the monster manual every night before bed. I played D&D all through grades 6-12 and then it died off when I went to College. During High School, I also got into Axis and Allies, along with Star Fleet Battles and Supremacy. We played a game of some kind almost every day after school. I made several variations of A&A, making my own maps and changing the rules up a bit to keep it fresh.

After college I got a nice gaming PC and really into PC games and had many LAN parties with my roommates and friends, I played a bit of D&D during this time and very few board games. Later in my 20's I got back into D&D more with a solid group that I have played with ever since.

We started to play board games as a filler while waiting for other D&D players to show up for sessions. I started looking around and discovered BGG here in about 2005. I then learned about all the amazing games that exist that I did not know about. I have slowly added more games to my collection as I like to play a game a lot before I will buy new ones. I do this with computer games as well as I am pretty cheap and don't like buying things that I don't use.

I have slowly introduced my non-gamer wife kiss to the world of gaming. She still thinks I am completely obsessed,surprise but she is a good sport and will try out new games with me. We have started to play every few weeks, so I consider myself very lucky. I have really got hooked on checking the BGG site every day and sometimes several times per day and making the occasional comment, but mostly just enjoying the community and learning more about GAMES!

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