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What I write is my opinion so there's no need to be humble about it
Who am I?

my name is Jorik Fournier, I know that doesn't sound Dutch but we can blame Napoleon for the fact that our branch of the family lives in the Netherlands. I'm not very well known with the whole genealogy thing but if I remember it's something along these lines:
[i]The first Fournier who settled in the Netherlands was a soldier from Wallonia (Belgium) who lost a leg and was given a choice of settling in the NEtherlands with a soldierss pension etc, or going back to Wallonia and fend for himself. he chose to settle here and that way the name Forurnier has entered the Dutch country.

this is me in Vezelay after some coffee:

I'm just some guy, there, that's it.

Seriously the number of people who are destined to become much more famous, succesful and rich are probably beyond count.
that only serves to make me happy actually. if I can be content or even happy with my life without stress from a job or expectations from what other people want from me then I don't need much more.
a loving partner and friends and of course games, because that's what we are here for.

my gaming history is just as old as I am probably. I can't remember when there weren't games in the household of my parents. (my dad has some wargames and has played Chess since I don't knwo when, probably before he went to University)
The serious (board)gaming started when a frined of my brother brought along a new game called Roborally by this American, Richard Garfield. this was probably an unconscious action to lure us away from GamesWorkshop and all that that entails.
just a few weeks later I bought Roborally and Armed and Dangerous and life hasn't beenm the same for the last 18 years I guess. my friends at school were quickly converted and we keep in touch and play games regularly, although our tastes have diverged somewhat.

my gaming tastes are many and not easily described as Euro or Amerithrasher. I like games in both genres and I dislke games in both genres. the weight of the game is not what makes the difference, neither are the mechanics. Auctions are generally not my thing but I really like Nieuw Amsterdam, take-that and direct conflict aren't my strongest point but I can't get enough of Pax Porfiriana, while games like Descent and TI3 leave me kind of cold. I try to stay away from light, filler like games but I really like 7Wonders and Kingdom Builder but dislike Dominion (or maybe I need to play it more)
then there are games that I can appreciate and admire from an academic/objective view but would rather not play. most of the 18xx and Martin Wallaces'games fall into this category.

most of my gaming is done on monday evening&night with my brother and two to three friends. most of the time there are five of us and we try to play one game that takes the whole evening. we have never split up to play a 2 player game and a three player game.
because of this I rarely seek out games that only allow 2-4 players. because of this we miss out on a lot of good games we as a group have found out and consequently we, each as a person, decided to buy not only what gets played but also what we like to play when one of us just can't make it.
but our, and therefore also my, lies in the 5= player games.

Beside the games I play with "the guys" I play a lot of gateways with my gf and some of her friends, and sometimes some games with my parents (they taught us Mahjong and lots of other games) and I like to get games that I can play solo. Games from SierraMadreGames and other publishers that put a lot of effort into their games from a simulation perspective have my preference over good or very "gamey" games for these moments.
I don't want to beat the system, like in Friday or Pandemic, but I want to see what happens.

I try to keep my wishlist up to date, but I struggle hard with the numerical values to asign to specific games. anything that's on there is worthy to be in my collection, although some games will receive more love than others, but that's just natural.
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