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Jean-Luc Simard
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A polygamer who tried almost every genre (board and computer games, minis, CCGs, RPGs, you name it, I have it lost somewhere in my game room), and is mostly looking for fun in his games.

I am quite interested about history, whether reading about it or replaying it, especially the American Civil War and the World War II (with the Roman Republic, Pirate Golden Years and the Wild West as other periods that also tickle my fancy - as long as something interesting happened, I'm interested in it). I have over a hundred games of Combat Commander under the hood, so I guess this qualifies as my favorite game. Other themes that always manage to get to me are racing (with Thunder Alley being my favorite, which is impressive for someone who doesn't like NASCAR), space-theme games (either 4X or pure space battles, I just love my spaceships, even if a lot of games fell flat for me, as can be seen by the number of "formerly owned" games in my collection. Current favorites are still Eclipse and Space Empires 4X, with Stat Trek Attack Wing and Star Wars Armada hitting the table when I can) and sports (but more on the management side than the playing, as I find the loss of speed of execution to denature the board game version).

Theme is important to me, but sound game design even more. I don't mind a 30 minutes luck fest, but having a 3 hours game determined by who drew the power card or by kingmaking feels quite sour. I love conflict games, and lining up armies in front of each other, yet I'm left cold by last-man standing scenarios. These don't happen in real life, and I don't see why two armies would slug each other to annihilation except in desperate times.

I'm lucky enough that my two best friends,
Francis K. Lalumiere
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Francois Petitclerc
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are as big board game fans as I am, which gives us the opportunity to play weekly. My girlfriend is not much of a gamer, but my 5 years old son is already quite interested in pop's collection and even have games of his own (Balloons, Kid Carcassonne, Animals upon Animals, etc.). Over the last few years I've also developed a liking for solitaire games, for those evenings when everyone is busy and the kid is asleep. Solo wargames are particularly of interest due to longer playing time and the lack of pressure on the schedule.

I am a daily browser of BGG, but sparse provider of content. I'd blame my heavy procrastinate personality if I'd had the time.

2015 Secret Santas Update 2(January 4th):

Dear Santas,

I am one lucky and grateful gamer today.

"Regular" Santa, thanks for bringing the British in World War III, can't wait to try the new World at War expansion. I've already started reading the Gamer's Guide, it is a nice addition to the game and will teach me more about the subject. My friends already begged to borrow it, but not until I go through it end to end!

Santa Grog, you rock! I've played two games of Bobby Lee with friend weishaupt 15 years ago and we liked the game (but it got lost in the "cult of the new" back then), and the new edition is beautiful and shiny. This game is host to one of my favorites gaming memories: it was a hot summer night, and we were about to start of first battle of our first game. I pick up my dice, and tell my opponent that I'll start by shooting my artillery. At that exact moment, we hear muffed explosions sounds in the air, repeatedly. Both my opponent and I froze, until we realized a few seconds later that the Montreal Firework Festival just started a show that very minute! Talk about coincidence! To this day whenever we fire artillery in ACW games, we can't help but talk about this night.

My son was delighted with the R2 lamp/keychain, and the pilots duckies are now part of the daily bathing ritual. My girlfriend Annie also thanks you for the beautiful scarf, which fits with her coat colors!

I did expect the second package as you mentioned it, but didn't know it would actually have a second game for me! Somehow I added this game to my wishlist when I heard of it a few years ago, and managed to forget about it in the meantime, which felt almost like discovering a new game on the ACW! I'm curious to see the politically-driven war approach of Lincoln's War.

So all in all, three wargames I can't wait to bring to the table.

Thanks Santas!
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