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Jean-Luc Simard
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A polygamer who tried almost every genre (board and computer games, minis, CCGs, RPGs, you name it, I have it lost somewhere in my game room), and is mostly looking for fun in his games.

I am quite interested about history, whether reading about it or replaying it, especially the American Civil War and the World War II (with the Roman Republic, Pirate Golden Years and the Wild West as other periods that also tickle my fancy - as long as something interesting happened, I'm interested in it). I have over a hundred games of Combat Commander under the hood, so I guess this qualifies as my favorite game. Other themes that always manage to get to me are racing (just loved finally playing Thunder Alley this year), space-theme games (either 4X or pure space battles, I just love my spaceships, even if a lot of game fell flat for me, as can be seen by the number of "formerly owned" games in my collection. Current favorites would be Eclipse and Space Empires 4X) and sports (but more on the management side than the playing, as I find the loss of speed of execution to denature the board game version).

Theme is important to me, but sound game design even more. I don't mind a 30 minutes luck fest, but having a 3 hours game determined by who drew the power card or by kingmaking feels quite sour. I love conflict games, and lining up armies in front of each other, yet I'm left cold by last-man standing scenarios. These don't happen in real life, and I don't see why two armies would slug each other to annihilation except in desperate times.

I'm lucky enough that my two best friends,
Francis K. Lalumiere
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Francois Petitclerc
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are as big board game fans as I am, which gives us the opportunity to play weekly. My girlfriend is not much of a gamer, but my 4 years old son is already quite interested in pop's collection and even have games of his own (Balloons, Kid Carcassonne, Animals upon Animals, etc.). Over the last few years I've also developed a liking for solitaire games, for those evenings when everyone is busy and the kid is asleep. Solo wargames are particularly of interest due to longer playing time and the lack of pressure on the schedule.

I am a daily browser of BGG, but sparse provider of content. I'd blame my heavy procrastinate personality if I'd had the time.

2014 Secret Santas Update:

One thing I didn't mention on the original application that you should be aware: every year around New Year for the last 10+ years, good friends weishaupt, faqtotum, FIL000 and myself are doing what we call a Game Orgy: a 24 hours of gaming (lately extended to 48), away from family, technology and daily distractions. Just gaming, good food and good time in excellent company. One of the things we do at this event is give ourselves our Christmas gifts (most of the time... games ). For the last few years, we also kept our Secret Santa gifts unopened until the Game Orgy, unless Santa asks us to open it before then. This year it looks like the Orgy will be a little later, though (around mid-January), so the wait will be though...

Also, user weishaupt has asked me to ask you if you can get in touch with him to let me know what I'll receive. He is becoming the expert at buying the same thing as Secret Santa!

Grog Santa, your Boardgame Bliss covert operatives did a fine job, and a huge box is now in my game room, waiting for the previously mentioned deadline before I open it. The loooong wait begins!
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