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Ok since I failed to notice this when I first signed up here goes LOL

Ok I am a US Army Reservist out of Michigan, I am currently in my 8th year of service to this GREAT country I call home, I'm originally from Hell, Michigan of course (which before you ask..DOES FREEZE OVER)

I have always had a deep love for board games and non ccg style card games since I was a child. Now that I have been in the Army for sometime I have managed to bring with me when I go on deployment some boardgame or cardgame so that I can share the enjoyment with the guys in the unit. In a way I am VERY VERY thankful to board games for many many MANY hours of enjoyment, happy memories of the guys I have served with and the fact that playing really made the time fly so we didn't miss home as much.

I do shop around in SEVERAL towns around Grand Rapids (like the game store that is closing/turning in to a straight comic store that liquidated ALL of its boardgame stock) so anything I get from those kinds of sales are in AT least threes one for my self and two for trade/giving away.

{NOTICE} Please do not contact me about any sort of trades, once my current trades are finalized and done I am not going interested in ANY trading on BGG due to the volume of trades and items I put up for trade and my eagerness to get trading I goofed and got flagged for shot gunning trade requests, so after this no trading no selling NADDA. I am gonna remain active on the forums and individual games pages but thats it NOTHING else {END NOTICE}
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