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Lest we Forget

Before you go any further, please could you go here:

My Labour of Love - Component Pictures

and give it a thumb if you haven't done so already.

Also, please show your support here:

Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal - 2015

Wishlist Decode:

Rating 1 = Games I would love to own, and top of the wishlist.

Rating 2 = Games that if money/space/time/availability were no object I would go and buy now without another thought.

Rating 3 = Also games I would love to own, but are just a little less exciting that those with a rating of 2. This might be because I know people with the game already so don't 'need' a copy, or I can see it not getting to the table too often despite my best efforts.

Rating 4 = These games are ones I am interested in, but have less chance of getting to the table than those above them. Non Jones-theory compliant, if that means anything to you

Rating 5 = Not part of the WISHlist, but merely a storage place for game titles that I want to remember for one reason or another.
Once upon a time I wrote:

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by.

Pre-BGG History

Settlers and Carcassonne were my gateway games some 5 years ago, but apart from a few expansions I didn't take it any further, as much from not having anyone to play with as anything. It was the same story growing up - my folks played Heroquest with me, and I have a pretty much unused version of Space Hulk from the first time round. My wife has always been a reluctant gamer, mostly playing to humour me, but now this is changing and she now suggests a variety of games for us to play. My son is almost 7 now, and a bright cookie, so he is more than capable of joining in with us.

My First Year

What a great first year I have had on BGG. I have jumped into the hobby with both feet, and have amassed quite a nice collection in that time. I do not love all the games on the list, having fallen into the trap of all new and enthusiastic gamers - buying games because they sound good/are rated high/look shiny. I spend more time on BGG than is entirely necessary, and hopefully this means that my wishlist is full of games that I know I will enjoy, or have already been lucky enough to play.

All About Me

I am a Brit, living in Las Vegas. I am due to move back to the UK permanently in the first half of next year, and will be taking my games collection with me. I have too many games to move, especially with all the thrifting I have done, so am looking for inventive ways to redistribute the less-played parts of my games collection. I suspect that a huge box on the G4GG lottery will be the way forwards, although I am open to ideas

Stuff I Have Done

I like competitions, and have run a few, from online gaming tournaments to picture puzzles. The better ones are listed below:

My Labour of Love - Component Pictures
First Rebus Competition
Second Rebus Competition
Wanted - Dead or Alive
Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal - 2012
Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal - 2011

Why Aldie rules

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856/1 Sep 10
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1653/1 Feb 11
2093/13 Apr 11
3211/28 Aug 11
4298/8 Mar 12
5022/12 Jan 13
5406/04 Nov 13
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Registration Date: 2009-09-02
Last Profile Update: 2016-01-21
Last Login: 2016-05-04
Country: flag Germany
State: Schleswig-Holstein
Town/City: Eckernfoerde
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