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I was born in 1986 in the south of the Netherlands (Brabant). My parents always thought games are important for teaching kids to play together, have fun and learn so we had quite a decent game collection for that time (15-odd games or so), including Labyrinth and Mouse Trap.

When I was around 10 (1996) I played a lot of Risk with my friends and we always had a blast. Later, when I went to high school (1998), I got introduced to Magic the Gathering. I bought some starter decks and traded some cards with friends. This was the first game I invested in (not much, but a lot for a 12 year old..) and I see this as a milestone in my gaming history. I played MtG for around a year or two, but always just for fun and never competitively.

During the period '00 to '05, I didn't game so much and was much more busy doing the stuff teenagers do. Playing video games, teasing girls and going to bars for the first time and so. My parent still had the feeling board games are important, so I received quite some games for my birthdays or Christmas. This got me Catan and a large collection of expansions for Catan.

In 2005 (when I was 19), I moved to Utrecht because of my studies. I started studying Information Sciences and didn't want to travel so much every day. Moving to my own student housing meant taking the games with me. Causing me to remember the Catan games a bit more, but still not too many games were played.

In the years that followed I was busy studying, drinking and playing video games. This changed when I graduated and started living together with my girlfriend in 2010. We both liked board games and since we now had our own living room and time together we started to play more. We bought Stone Age and Saint Petersburg together and the board gaming frequency went up.

It wasn't until I bought Hive Pocket that I became really interested in board games. This may seem weird, but I was really trying to optimize my play and this brought me to BGG. I then looked around on the Geek some more and my board game enthusiasm was sparked.

When Secret Santa was announced last year I participated and received (among other things) Dominion. Everything went downhill from there . I supported BGG and didn't stop buying games. My collection grew significantly since then and I'm actively trying to get more and more friends into the hobby.

Here I am now, ready for trading in Essen 2013 cool

Essen was a blast for me and my girlfriend both. Many awesome years of board gaming will follow. Of that I'm sure

Jk_W wrote:


This is my current board game collection (25/12/'14):

And previous snapshots:

End 2012

Begin 2013

End 2013

Jk_W wrote:

Letter to Santa (2013)

Dear Santa,

Thanks for checking out my profile and reading the letter I wrote to you. I know your a busy man and this month is probably your busiest month of all!

In the Netherlands we have the habit of stretching our holidays. In this case it means we have 3 days of Christmas. This first is Christmas Eve which we will celebrate with the family of my girlfriend. Then we have something called 'the first day of Christmas'. This day we will spend with my family. Last, but not least, we have 'second day of Christmas' (which is actually the third...). This day I spend together with my girlfriend at home and we play board games all day while we eat delicious Christmassy food.

This year my love for the board gaming hobby grew even more and I'm slowly getting my girlfriend to join the dark side as well. sauron We both had a blast this year at Spiel and we start owning and playing more and more games. I also try to infect as many friends as possible with the board game virus and results are promising so far! whistle

I'm open to all kind of games and like to experience new types and mechanics. I'm a big sucker for artwork and have to habit of owning my base game and expansions in the same language. If possible I always try to get the base game in English, so it matches best with future expansions and promos. Overall I love a lot of games and appreciate every type of gift. In the end, the thought behind a gift is more important than the gift itself kiss

My game night are quite varied. I game a lot with my girlfriend (2p.), but every Tuesday I try to game with a group (3-6p). We always chat a lot during games and drinks and food are almost just as important as the game The fun of playing is what counts in my groups, not the winning (although I love to win of course ninja).

I hope your holiday season will be great with a lot of love from friends and family!


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