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Joe Kundlak
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My family
Today (02-May-2011) my two lovely daughters were born! Rebeka and Sara are their names and they are so far healthy and well! My love equally goes to my lovely wife Maria for all those 9 months and the birth itself!

Who, me?
I am an average Joe of the crowd. Not IT Crowd for that part.

Living in Slovakia (Central Europe) I enjoy gaming of all sorts, but got hooked on BoardGameGeek in 2008, so I am now inclining to Board games mostly.

I really like card games of many sorts (because of their portability), and many boardgames because of the quality components and loads of fun.

I am slowly buying games here and there to become a real geek someday!

Be a Geek!

My contributions mostly consist of files to various games, some translations and others.

I have made a GeekList o' mine, where I will list games I either have or would like to, with some comments. You can find it here - Joeyeti and his boardgame lifepath.

My TOP and HOT games
The TOP games are the ones I either own and play, or I like (yet) without playing, thus I rank the 10 best ones for me here. The HOT games consist of games I would like to play and/or get someday (I may have played some of them, but only online).

They are all roughly in the order they should be

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Registration Date: 2008-04-08
Last Profile Update: 2011-05-02
Last Login: 2016-05-04
Country: flag Slovakia
Town/City: Bratislava
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