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My BGG participation is down this year, but I'm still around. The "stress landscape" has shifted so that I'm playing videogames more, which are easier to squeeze in than marathon boardgaming sessions. I can often be found hanging in this VGG geeklist:

Video Games Beaten by VGGers in 2012

Feel free to drop me a geekmail and strike up a conversation about games, video or analog.

GameChat League

I am the primary organizer of GCL, a geeklist-based based discussion-group format that currently includes four divisions and is set-up to allow for more (if and when people are interested). Learn more about GCL by visiting our Wiki. I am also happy to answer questions via Geekmail.

New Voices Review Contests

I run a series of review contests designed to encourage wider participation and reward high-quality written content on the site. Exploring why we like the games we do can be personally fulfilling and should be undertaken more often. Such efforts put our hobby in a state of resonance. That's why I like spending time on BGG.

Summer 2010:

Summer 2010 Review Contest - WINNERS

Winter 2011:

New Voices Winter 2011 Review Contest - 80GG Grand Prize!

Spring 2011:

New Voices Spring 2011 Review Contest - 80GG Grand Prize!

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Origins of My Avatar

Something of a Fanatic

Twilight Struggle is my favorite game. I used to think choosing a favorite game was as ridiculous as choosing a favorite song, novel, movie etc., but then TS came along and blew my mind. It's head and shoulders above the rest.

Top Ten / Hot Ten

Most of the games in my top 10 have withstood multiple Essen cycles at this point. I'm lucky to have found such fantastic games and to have the good fortune to play them fairly often. The list is a little conflicted at the moment. I have no trouble sorting the top 3, but it's tough to weigh games like Innovation and Le Havre (which I have played a TON) against games like Hannibal and Amun-Re (which ultimately I don't think are *quite* as good, but which I would like to play a lot more of). Anyway, they're all incredible games; I guess I should just leave it at that.

I used to use my hot ten to keep track of what games I'm playing a lot at the moment. But since I log all of my plays, that information is available here. Currently my "Hot 10" includes the game I'm most interesting in trying out.

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Top 10
#1: Twilight Struggle
#2: Indonesia
#3: Brass
#4: Le Havre
#5: Innovation
#6: Glory to Rome
#7: Troyes
#8: Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
#9: Amun-Re
#10: Merchant of Venus
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