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23 Nov - Hi Santa,
Your original message was right after all! Mysterium arrived today and it is awesome!! Was a bit worried for a while there but am super happy now - it's the perfect choice and I am happily punching out all the bits

19 Nov - Hi Santa,
Nice to hear from you Another present? Yay!
Thanks heaps,

18 Nov - Thanks Santa

Dear Santa,

First up, thanks for being awesome. Agreeing to send a present to a stranger at the ends of the earth is pretty neat. This is my first year joining in with Secret Santa, having watched enviously for the last couple. I'm excited!

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year - I actually enjoy listening to carols and try to get my tree (fake, I'm allergic to real ones) up in the first couple of days of December. It's all decorated with angels and I have lots of decorations I've picked up while travelling. Thankfully my cat is well behaved and leaves it alone. I have lots of nieces and nephews and enjoy (and stress over) putting together fun presents for them, often around a theme. I like that it's a time to put other stuff aside and remind each other how much we really care. The fact that it's summer holidays down here helps too

Gaming-wise... I play lots of different games in lots of different situations!
My Girl Guides love anything social-deduction-ish - I've had great success with Werewolf, The Resistance, Mascarade, Two Rooms and a Boom and Dixit.
My mum and I often play together. Games need to be relatively quick but she enjoys a wide variety (just no co-op). Biggest successes have been Jaipur, Confusion, Paperback, Castles of Burgundy.
A couple of friends and I get together to play Pathfinder ACG at the moment. We love anything co-op and have also had fun with Eldritch Horror, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Tiny Epic Defenders and Arkham.
Game evangelising is also a thing I find myself doing a lot, so I've got a good set of gateways I love to teach. I like to start with Ticket to Ride, Takenoko, Small World and then work up from there! I have a quite a few different groups of people up to playing at various different weights, I'll take over the world yet devil Favourites here also include Blueprints, 7 Wonders, Biblios and Hanabi.
The Aspergers Kids' Club I volunteer at also play games a lot. I've been deliberately running cooperative games with them so it works as social skills practice in disguise. They've really gotten into the role-playing in Mice and Mystics and have also played a LOT of Castle Panic and Forbidden Island. FlashPoint: Fire Rescue and Forbidden Desert work well too. We've also had unexpectedly large amounts of fun with Timeline and Once Upon a Time.
The local game group I don't manage to get to very often, but when I do (usually when they do something on a weekend rather than a week night) that's my time to try something heavier! My favourites are Chaos in the Old World, Alien Frontiers and recently Nations but I'll try anything
Solo play is something I've been doing more and more of - Pathfinder ACG works ridiculously well that way and I've enjoyed Tiny Epic Defenders too. I expected to like Eldritch Horror and Robinson Crusoe solo but neither worked as well as I hoped, might be just the length but they also make me want to share the stories with someone.

Things that will probably make me love a game:
Individual Player Powers - the more asymmetric the better. This is a big part of why I love Chaos in the Old World so much.
Area Majority - not sure why, it's just fun.
Theme - if I can tell a story or play something up, that's great.
Prettiness - this doesn't mean miniatures (although I do like cool ones), I'm looking for beautiful art, detailed boards, neat shaped wooden bits...
Random setup - different every time you play, yes please! That fact that Catan does this is part of what got me into gaming.

Things that put me off a game:
Worker Placement - just doesn't work for me. It's something to do with being encouraged to make a plan and then your plan being completely doomed because someone else wants wood too. A kind of stress I don't appreciate.
Player Elimination - especially for Girl Guides or the Aspergers kids, need to keep everyone involved.
Too heavy - doesn't put me off playing or enjoying the game, but puts me off owning it because I just won't get to play it! Agonised for ages over buying Nations because of that.

I have tried to rank my wishlist, but don't take it as a restriction - I'll be really happy with anything on there or a surprise.

If you're stuck for how to get games in NZ - Peter from boardgamerentals.co.nz is lovely, helpful, and lives near me!

Oh, and if you're thinking of being extra awesome and adding food treats to the parcel, don't. I have complicated allergies... Try something non-edible instead!

Thanks again for reading through what turned into a bit of a novel blush

Have an awesome Christmas,

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