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All game plays for the time since I started keeping records approx 3 years previously were added on 24-01-2011.

I do not keep records for expansion plays, just the main game. I aim to continue with this as I believe it stops my plays figures being inflated by recording the same single play for multiple items if I used an expansion and a main game.

A little about me.. Well I am 52 years old at the time of writing and have played games of one sort or another for most of my life. I have played most types of game, from the normal sort of mainstream children's games when I was very young, to Chess, then Wargames as a teenager and on to role playing games, CCG's and finally back to Boardgames in the last 10 years or so. I used to be a member of this fine website, but a combination of illness and a rash decision ended with me deleting that account some time ago. I am sure we have all made a bad decision at one time or another.

My gaming tastes these days are wide and varied. I like all types from Ameritrash to Euro's and war-games. I have play tested for a couple of publishers although I now don't have a regular gaming group as I once did so this has come to an end. This is a very recent change and I am not sure how long it will continue for. After my group splitting up it took me almost 6 months to manage to get some regular gaming again. I imagine that like every group this one will last a while and then like most somebody will move on.

Games are my escape, and my main source of enjoyment of the vast amounts of leisure time I have on my hands. Illness stopped me working many years ago, so it will not take me long to find my old Geek buddies. I want to thank those people who contribute to this website in such a fine manner and help to fill those hours.

Good and bad.. Whilst I like gaming and old films, there are many things I really dislike. The current fascination with so called celebrities is beyond me.. Reality TV is a total turn off for me. Travel.. I cant stand it. I dislike it so much I dont drive and being more than 15 minutes walk away from home is something I rarely do. I have no idea what people find so enjoyable about driving, its simply one of the most depressing and unenjoyable things I have ever tried.. Gaming with my wife has become a factor over the last 18 months, its more enjoyable than just about anything else i have ever done. She doesn't play the games I love the most, but sharing that time with her is simply golden. I wish everyone had the same opportunity.

My latest gaming passion is my iPad. I have played so many games on it since first getting it earlier this year (2011). A quick check shows over 200 games of Carcassonne alone. Whilst I dont have figures for the other games I own the apps for, I am pretty certain Ascension will also be above 100 1000 plays. I like the fact it gives me the option to play against people and an AI, and thus the chance to game when nobody else is available. I am sure eventually Android will catch up, but for now the number of quality and polished professional Apps for boardgames is at its best on IOS and for sure has really made gaming with friends in other countries way easier. Ticket to Ride, Tigris & Euphrates, Puerto Rico, Neuroshima Hex and the first two I mentioned are getting the most play from me, but there are way more worth owning. Long may this growth area continue.

I have created a guild page for the newly formed Worcester Boardgame group.. WAGG's - Worcester Area GeekGamers. My illness prevents me from attending meetings, but the guild page continues to be available for those who want it.

In memory of a friend..

Recently (March 2013) one of my earliest gaming buddies passed away. We cut our teeth on Squad Leader, Up Front and many roleplaying games. While he was younger than me he always was the one that found the new things for us to try. Marriage and jobs meant we lost touch for a few years, but like many people the memories of those days gaming stuck with me and were fondly remembered. We got back in touch in the last 3 or 4 years and imagine my shock when I get the news that at 42 the youngest of us is the first to pass. I don't really have anywhere else to write this, and don't really expect anyone to read it, but no matter. So long Toby, you were my first great gaming friend and will be missed greatly. Warm those dice up for me, I will be along presently.

17th July 2015.. My mother passed away this morning holding my dads hand. Devastating.

Please note - I no longer trade with anyone outside of the UK and Ireland.

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