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Ken Grazier
United States
South Euclid
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Check out my boardgame demoing website! www.geek-craft.com
Near northeast Ohio? Come to one of my game nights! www.geek-craft.com

I'm a gamer in Ohio, living with my gaming wife, looking for other gamers so we can play larger games.

I helped run the Gaming Association of Penn State (GAPS) my senior year of college, and I was an active MIB for Steve Jackson Games for several years. I had to temporarily retire from being an MIB, but I'm back demoing games. I'm also a Demo Technician for Looney Labs, as well as a Wingman for Eagle / Gryphon Games. I'm working on setting up demo nights with local gaming groups, so if you're interested in learning any games from these publishers, let me know. If you're interested and live near Cleveland, follow Demo_Ken on Twitter. I'm working on setting up game nights at a local game store.

Overall, I enjoy strategy more than luck. I'm a fan of almost any kind of game, from the themeless GIPF series to the deep storied Arkham Horror, and while I'm not very good, I enjoy playing betting games and dexterity games.

And my most recent plays:

All games listed as Preordered on my game list are games that I have ordered that have not arrived yet. These games may or may not be actually preordered, they're just listed so I can remember to add them to my own list.

Any games that I have but don't have on their own (Such as expansions via the Carcassonne or Alhambra Big Box) are listed in my Wishlist as

(Don't buy this)

If you have a better suggestion for how to maintain games I have but don't, please let me know.

And someone from another forum put into words my strategy for teaching games:

I feel that when teaching a new game you should hold nothing back. By not holding anything back you show people how the game should be played and it will set the tone for future games. In my group the first game is always the 'learning' game that nobody expects to win and is a contest to see how well you can pick up the game on the first go. If you don't go full steam ahead you don't accurately represent the game in my opinion.

Basically, no quarter should be given to new players. Someone playing the game for the first time should assume they're going to lose and their only goals should be to watch how they lose and how you win.

And something I've realized recently that should be laid out and made very clear:

Win without boasting

Lose without excuse

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Registration Date: 2005-08-09
Last Profile Update: 2015-09-14
Last Login: 2016-04-30
Country: flag United States
State: Ohio
Town/City: South Euclid
Website: www.Geek-Craft.com
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Wii Friend Code: 2427650720042776
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