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Kevin Youells
United States
Camp Hill
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I paid 100 geek gold, and all I got was this lousy overtext
I have been living in Camp Hill, PA since December, 2008, after fourteen years in sunny Florida. If you think you'd like to game with me, feel free to drop me a line. I play a fairly wide variety of games--Euros like El Grande and Amun Re, a smattering of simple-ish wargames such as We the People, and large multi-player stuff along the lines of Advanced Civilization and Age of Rennaissance.

I'm a big fan of 80's heavy metal, football (go 'Fins!) and paintballing.

I am trying to set up my "Hot 10" as the most recent games acquired. We'll see how this works out. Ok, it didn't. Oops.

You can find me at some of the big and small game conventions where I GM the following:

Advanced Civilization at WBC http://boardgamers.org/
Advanced Civilization at PrezCon http://www.prezcon.com/

Other places you can sometimes find me:
Central PA Game Club http://centralpagameclub.com/
Eastern PA Gaming Society http://epgs.org/

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