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I will only trade with handover. Not because I don't trust you. But because of the high shipping costs. Essen will be as good a place as any...
Feel free to ask any game from my collection.
I won't trade or sell crokinole, Hotel life and poseidon's kingdom.

This is a list with games up for trade with a trade valuation estimate. But like I said before almost everything is up for trade
Games up for trade or sale pickup thursday essen 13

for trading I'm eager to follow the list. Ones go first, five is a game I bumped into and was interesting to me at one point. I keep them there for reference.

I also have a "limited" buylist. Very limited buylist

Okay I add a note here. I left the no auction shipping thread as a seller because of negative remarks posted under geeklist items from other sellers. I have sold some games on dutch forums and if no handover was possible I did my upmost best to pack.
I also saw indecent behaviour from buyers who retract their bid.
One even stated that he could buy the game somewhere else for less...
some of the items I have posted are collectors items. I basicly got hold of them to trade for other collector items I want more. Others I have replaced with cheaper editions.
almost whole of my collection is still for sale but please don't contact me and think 30 euro for Container or 35 euro for space hulk is a fair price. I paid much more for them too.

From now on I will only look for grailgames for a few geekbuddies and I continue to do that. what I probably ask in return is to bring a game with them that is more expensive here or impssible to find over here. The profit is to be made there.


I started a blog. I will be talking there about things that made my day.
Since I'm a single guy most of the time it will be movies,music and boardgames.

I've allways found a diary a hard thing to keep. i will try to post in it from time to time.

edit : I think the blog has one entry so far. Today is the opening day of
Kriscon2. I don't know blog or geeklist ...

I find it impossible to track all games. That's why I'll add all games to my wishlist once I get info on them.

1 90% I will get it.
2 50% I'll get it
3 perhaps it moves into 1 or 2
4 perhaps it moves into 2
5 I probably will not get it. Some fives are really interesting to
me but since I don't have a chance to play them or they are in the timeframe that means that I won't get game X or Y out It is probably better not to own them.


Missed my lifetime goal by quite some margin. there is not much room for more games so that's why I am trading.
Didn't really finish my game. A deckbuilding settlers of catan with some dice rolling to replenish resources. It kind of worked. Had some fun with it. Problem for me was that it took to long and when I trimmed it down to make it a 45-60 minute game .It was to obvious how you should play. Luckily you didn't depend on the dice rolls allthough they could help. Replenishing was an action made available by your deck. I used a d-3 for it to determine rate. So a 1 or a three can make a difference.

Lifetime goal : Have no more than 1010 games before I've played 1010 different games.
This will be a miss. I probably break 1010 after rating close to 500

Goal for 2013 : Have 510 ratings and finish my own game.
Goal for 2012 : Have ratings for 400 (individual) games before Essen and trade at least ten games in Essen. (some games have multiple ratings)
Goal for 2011 : Have ratings for 334 games before Essen. AND put 200 games up for trade.(look at lifetime goal)
Goal for 2010 : Before Essen have ratings for 280 games. MADE IT
Goal for 2009 : before Essen have ratings for 200 games. MADE IT


My name is Kris and I am since the beginning of 2007 back into boardgames.(and new cardgames)

It all started on 22 january 2007 when Kirsten came over and brought Carcasonne, Ingenious and citadels with her. After three games of carcassonne and three games of Ingenious it was time to visit some mutual friends
Sofie and Stephan to play one four player game of Carcasonne and a game of citadels. 10 hours where gone before I knew it. I enjoyed every second of them and that is when the addiction kicked in.

why I fell in love with boardgames

1)People interaction

2)creative thinking


4)the challenge it offers

5)I believe buying boardgames is an investment in fun to be had. So even when buying a game I feel good when I think of all the fun to be had with it.

6) This site feeds my interest in games more than i would have ever thought. I spend here even more time than actually playing games. I love to read the user comments. Without this site I would probably never have known of all those games.
But maybe that is not all true...

My top 10 are personal favourites of the games I own.

My hot ten. i have to update again ..

Collection is growing very rapidly .Should aim to play 80% of my collection before future additions. (going to essen 2007)

edit went to essen. And should aim to play at least three new games each month. It is not much but for someone without a gaming group not so easy.

Have founded a group in september 2009 with friends. We try to play every two weeks.
for more stats check out Friendless site


Item 1000
Wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you. One impossible game and one very hard to get here.Both games guarantee lots of joy.

Thanks for filling in the customs bill too.
I only had to pay ten euro for offering it to customs. No taxes at all.
Wiz-war is a priceless game.

I have to say that because I bought a house a lot of money went into that. I can't get myself to participate in Secret santa. I had a great experience though and plan to reenter sometime.


I couldn't enter this year as well. New car. And I spend a lot on boardgames myself. Next year I plan to go to Tokyo. First vacation in 25 years. If I have something left I'll be there.

recently played

random items from my wishlist

Handy link to sort similar rated games by users example agricola

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.


Take the Enneagram Institute's Free Enneagram Test.

Personal challenge :tracker
January 10 : 306
January 17 : 296 (7 days minus 10) Total 7-10
January 24 :289 (7 days minus 7) total 14-17
January 26 : 286 (2 days minus 3) total 16-20
February 3 : 280 (8 days minus 6) total 24-26
February 10 : 280 (7 days equal) total 31 -26 (I kept true to my program)
Looking at this and my scale at home I'll think it be pretty tough to lose 4 pounds a week.

February 17 : 276 (7 days minus 4) total 38-30
February 24 : 272 (7 days minus 4) total 45-34
March 3 : 270 (7 days minus 2) total 52-36
March 10 : 269.5 Started fitness on monday total 59-36.5
March 17 : 266 (7 days minus 3.5) total 66 - 40
March 24 : 263.5 (7 days minus 2.5) total 73-42.5
March 31 : 264
April 7 : 263
April 14 : 264
April 21 : 261

Opening gameroom goal may 5th : 257

Adjustable 4 week goals (to see where i am going)

goal may 26 : 252
goal june 30 : 244

goal july 14 : 240 INITIAL GOAL REACHED
end goal :???? thursday 15th of september.

big blocks (306-66 pounds=240)
first month : 26 pounds
second month : 10.5 pounds
third month : 6 pounds
fourth month end may 10 : goal 7.5 pounds (256)
may 14 back at 263 (was at 268 after opening gameroom)
fifth month end june 10 : goal 7 pounds (248)256

sixth month end july 14 +4 days : 240 ??? (happy with 244; not so with 250)

On may 3 of 2012 I'm back too 286. Which is hard to take.
In november it is 289. I hope not to gain anymore weight during the holidays. 'll try to get down 4 pounds a month now. Do it slower.
January 28 2013 : 289
February 13 2013 : 278
goal is 242 by june 22 2013

Okay I'll probably break 240 this sunday june 16 2013.
I have no intention to weigh more than 240 ever.So it's looking good that I'll make 50 pounds disappear in 5 months. I'm still not where I want to be.
I'm pretty confident I'll will succeed.
Key steps were
-get rid off potatoes. I'll eat brown rice and brown pasta
- eat breakfast, a very small portion makes a big difference. Because you started up your metabolism.
-try to get in at least 7 hours of sleep. 8 is better. 10 is too much
-snack with fruit. Meaning breakfast , snack, lunch, snack, dinner
-eat smaller portions. I could eat a whole chicken. I have more than enough with a third now. It's something you get used to.
- ease down on alcohol intake. Alcohol turns sugar into fat.
-try to eat more vegetables. I'm not fond of vegetables myself but sure there are some that you like. these vegetables can replace part of your portion of rice, pasta or potatoes(if you can't do without them)

Update : 23/01/2014 that's 2014/01/23
222 pounds. (+ or minus 5 pounds last 2 months)
Ideally I want to hover around 215 pounds.
I stopped going to the gym almost 6 weeks ago. But I'll probably take that up again in march.
I don't have to do much to stay at that weight. But when I sin (eat too much fastfood , or just too much and drink bad sugary fluids or alcohol) a couple of days in a row, i 'll pay attention the next 7 days. . Before that I probably sinned each day.

Update : 16/07/2014
264 pounds. It's the highest since.
Key mistakes are back to potatoes.
Eating after 6 o clock.
and I probably lost some muscle by not going to the gym. Muscle burns calories.
I picked up going to the gym again.
But my eating habits are still bad.
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#8: Imperial 2030
#9: Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
#10: Age of Steam
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#2: Vinhos
#3: Merchant of Venus
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