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Larry Chong
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[Typically, I prefer trading locally or in bulk, of 3+ games in order to minimize shipping costs per-game, but feel free to send me an offer. Sometimes I get swamped with work but I try to answer reasonable requests.]

I'm an avid gamer and I love the gaming experience, so that much is obvious. As for the other stuff...

I'm currently located in central New Jersey. I grew up in NYC as a kid where I was seduced very early on by playing many types of American games including Parker Bros., Milton Bradley, Avalon Hill, etc. Throughout junior H.S. and thru post-college years, I evolved into a handful of wargames and also a great deal more of RPG's (beginning early with basic D&D before graduating & migrating to several other systems). To this day, I no longer play RPGs though as the effects of that genre has worn off on me (replaced with "RPG-like" games, like Descent for example). With a 7-year hiatus (because life gets in the way), I missed most of the early "German Games Invasion" until a friend introduced me to Settlers and Carcassonne. Needless to say, I got super severely hooked again and have been heavily back in the boardgaming scene for many years now...

I attend several large gaming conventions (both public & invitational ones) throughout the year, and I have several local game groups to choose from on a weekly basis. With game groups in the areas of NJ, NYC & eastern PA areas, I thoroughly enjoy socializing with many diverse gamers with the main course being: Designer/German-style board games & card games with a smattering of several wargames every now and again.

I typically enjoy a broad variety of newly published games (yes, I'm with The Cult of The New), while occasionally revisiting many old favorites. But, this is always balanced by my mood and compatibility of whatever game group I'm involved with. I also enjoy playtesting and developing prototypes and offer my humble two cents (a.k.a. constructive comments) should I have any (but obviously I cannot discuss this publicly and sometimes not at all unless given permission to do so).

Why I game? To simply have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of my friends. I primarily enjoy the social interactions, friendly competition and learning from diverse people using games as the central medium. As in Life, I try to treat others humanely and respectfully, I like to have fun, learn, and compete with fairness for all involved. If I had to choose from extremes, I'd rather play a mediocre game with great gamer friends than to get into a "highly-rated" game with incompatible, annoying or selfish only-winning-is-important gamer types. The bottom line is, as good as any game is, it is essentially the people that you play with that optimizes a satisfying gaming "experience".

A couple of favorite gaming quotes:

"For me games are simply a platform where I can have a good time with other people. I don’t want to have a good time with the screen of my PC. It’s the other people that make each board game experience fresh. It’s not about winning, I mean, I want to win but winning is not important. It’s about measuring your wits with other people, seeing how you come out, and seeing the reactions of the others. For this, I prefer my human counterpart sitting across the table then my PC." [Reiner Knizia]

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." [Plato]
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Top 10
#1: Descent: Journeys in the Dark
#2: The Princes of Florence
#3: Indonesia
#4: Battlestar Galactica
#5: Crokinole
#6: War of the Ring (second edition)
#7: Memoir '44
#8: Age of Steam
#9: Dream Factory
#10: El Grande
Hot 10
#1: BattleLore (Second Edition)
#2: A Study in Emerald
#3: The Resistance: Avalon
#4: BANG! The Dice Game
#5: Codenames
#6: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
#7: Cyclades
#8: Flick 'em Up!
#9: Black Hat
#10: Dark Moon
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