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When I was a kid I played all the childhood classics: Monopoly, Risk, Axis and Allies, Samurai Swords, etc. As I got older I took a break from board gaming and spent more time with video games, something I started when I was 4.

In 2006 we moved to Austin, TX and about a year later Adina and me started going to Great Hall Games on Friday nights for Friday night gaming. We started small: San Juan, Guillotine, various Fluxx games, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Fire and Axe, Ticket To Ride, and other misc games that people there introduced us to. We never turned down a chance to play something knew and if we enjoyed the game (which we did the majority of the time) we'd pick up a copy that night as well as a few new games to try at home.

Then we started running game nights at our house. Just a small group of 4-5 players once or twice a month. We slowly picked up more games up to around 50 in our collection. Then we started going to the Rockin Tomato as part of the Boards and Brews meetup around October 2010. Adina had to drag me there the first time since I'm a closet geek. Then our collection started to explode and we started inviting more people over as we made more friends in the community. At times we'd have as many as 20 people over gaming at our place.

By the time we went to our first BGG Con in 2011 we had close to 150 games in our collection. After each con we came home with another 75-120 games. Unfortunately, most of our games have only been played 0-1 times since I try to be the collector of games so our friends can come over and play just about anything that they have wanted to play. I also like to have a large selection so I can bring either the current cult of the new favorite to host or the older classics people enjoy for Boards and Brews.

Currently we are building a new house so our gaming has been limited. Once the new house is complete though there will be even more space and we should be back in the action to have more bi-monthly game nights again. I can't wait to get out of this short term apartment and into our new house!

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Recalcitrant Ronnie
United States
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My way of valuing games is the one true way!
"Yeah, well, you know, that's just like uh, your opinion, man"

Rating system I am considering:

10 One of the best games I have every played. I have/will own it and obsess over it for a long period of time.
9 'Twas a 10. Although, I play it much less I still respect it.
8 This is a great game. I have/will own it and obsess over it briefly.
6 This game is fine and good.
5 I either find this game to be very meh (flawed but not overly painful) or I hate it but respect it as a fairly well made game.
3 This is a bad game but I can imagine why others may appreciate it.
1 I abhor this game and it is an abomination to me. It is poorly made crap. I don't understand why people would want to play this (other than perhaps nostalgia).

What would my perfect Boardgame look like?

It would...
01...Be requested by my friends
02...Play well as a 2 player and a multiplayer game
03...Have meaningful strategic & tactical decisions
04...Have multiple paths to victory
05...Have excellent/innovative mechanics
06...Have high re-playability
07...Have a variable set up
08...Not have direct conflict if it's a Euro shake
09...Not have targeted attacks if it's multiplayer shake
10...Have some theme & high quality art & components
11...Have a theme that's Postapocalyptic, Dark-Fantasy, or non-traditional
12...Not have a grain growing cube pushing theme shake
13...Have a quick set up
14...Play in less than 2 hours
15...Be easy to teach/learn
16...Not be a co-op or use a cardboard AI to create challengeshake
17...Have high quality expansions available
18...Not have player elimination shake
19...Use a new mechanic or a new mechanical recipe
20...Cost less than $60
21...Not require analysis of other player(s) strategies
22...Allow me to easily observe why I won/lost
23...Fill a niche that is different than other games I already own or do a better job at filling a duplicate niche
24..."Have intuitive connection between theme and gameplay."

What would a perfect board game review look like?

Something like the following:
Set Up Time
Play Time
Component Quality
Victory Conditions
Rules & Mechanics
Basic Strategy
What I Loved
What I Loathed shake
Grey Area
Similar Games
Replay Value

--SIDE NOTE: It would also be helpful if the reviewer's User Profile had a statement indicating what games, mechanics, game features they tend to love &/or despise to make their biases clear.

What would a perfect rulebook look like?

It would:
01 Be concise but contain an index if it is 10+ pages
02 Let the theme help explain why the game works the way it does
03 Have clear examples for every tricky concept
04 Have a clearly marked strategy tips section toward the back
05 Include a very brief summary of how the game will play out towards the front of the rulebook
06 Include a picture of how the game will look when set up and how it may look at various points during the game
07 Include a cheat sheet for each player (should include order of play and a symbol chart at the very least). This should be set up to generally work as a sufficient reminder for people who have played before but have forgotten the rules.
08 Have all important rules and caveats in bold or highlighted in an easily recommended way (not hidden in the middle of a paragraph)
09 Include a list of easily missed rules and/or a FAQ
10 Include a link to a YouTube video in which the designer explains the game in a concise and clear manner
11 Include a link to a wiki/FAQ for any errata that may be needed over time (makes it easy for new players to immediately find any changed rules). The wiki/FAQ would be moderated by the designer
12 Be available via PDF at the publisher's website and on the BGG

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Top 10
#1: Goa
#2: Trajan
#3: Planet Steam
#4: Princes of the Renaissance
#5: Troyes
#6: Power Grid
#7: El Grande
#8: Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga
#9: Carcassonne
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