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Robert Sweeney
United States
Clinton Township
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Started gaming with the "Olde" paperback booklets for D&D (yes, I consider them wargames, subclass RPG) when I attended U of M (back when they played football). Joined the US Army shortly thereafter (so I could afford to get married) and found "Gaming Heaven". In the 8 years I served, we (my wife and later my first born) moved 7 times (Ft Leonard Wood, MO; Ft Sam Houston, TX; Ft Lewis, WA; Augsburg, Germany; Bad Aibling, Germany, Ft Bliss, TX and Ft Leavenworth, KS - no, I wasn't a prisoner!). No matter where I was at - there was a Rec Center just filled with gamers. I played SPI monsters (War in Europe, Campaign for North Africa [please pass the water], GBACW series), Avalon Hill classics, RPG games of all genres (Traveller, THE Fighter, Runequest, AD&D, etc) and all sorts of games from small "basement" companies. Dozens of gamers everywhere. Then, I got out of the Army (for the same reason I joined - the wife) and the "Dark Ages" began.

See, I have been married - very happily (and no the wife isn't reading this!) for 30+ years (Oct 1979) and decided that moving every 6-18 months wasn't good for my family. Since I married her for life and not the Army, I got out. Now, a civilian with a family (and child #2) - I worked 40-80 hours a week to put my wife through school (she eventually get her BS in Education and later her MS), then my daughter (who got her BS in Chemistry and is currently earning a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry) and finally my son (a Junior earning a Medical Imaging degree). So, gaming went away for about 15 years as time and money was better spent on tuition. I put all my games in boxes and stored them.

Well, when we bought the new house (right before the market crash - don't I have good timing?) - I got my very own den. A generous sized one yet. So, I unpacked the boxes and started searching for gamers. Well, needless to say, gaming has changed since my day. Hardly anyone plays the AH, SPI, VG stuff anymore. I was fortunate to find a minis gaming group (Johnny Reb III, Command Decision II and Canvas Eagles), a group that meets monthly (or so) that plays 5+ player games from all eras and a third that meets every Friday to play the more modern games (Catan, Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, Race for the Galaxy amongst others). I tried playing some VASSAL and Cyberboard- but my work schedule made VASSAL difficult and no one likes Cyberboard. I also found BGG - can't you just hear the joyous chorus in the background?

Now, I have unpacked the boxes, sold a few of my oldies that I will never get to play and bought some of the "New Classics". I still feel "Old" - but BGG sure makes it "Good" again!


Now, I bowl every once in awhile .... up to four (4) nights a week; so, I do take pride in the occasional accomplishment.
Bowling Awards: (to date)

300 Games: 2

299 Games: 2
800 Series: 0 (I wish!)
900 Series: 0 (I really wish!)
7-10 Split Conversions: 0

4-6-7-10 Split Conversions: 1

Of course, I have most of the USBC Award Patches (Clean Series, Over Average, etc.).

Geek Gold: I try to scatter it about. Why horde it? Just because it is pretty and shiny doesn't mean you can't sprinkle it around! (Though I might just start hoarding for a UberGeek!)

Thumbs:thumbsup Doesn't hurt to give the "Olde Thumbs Up" - so I am pretty liberal on Thumbs.

Support BGG - I know what it is like to have nothing - this is really SOMETHING.

Contributions: Since I have always loved to tinker with rules - I had a ton of materials on various games that I updated, converted to electronic form (most of my old files were done with a [gasp] typewriter) and submitted to BGG. If you like the AH, SPI and VG stuff - check out some of the stuff I uploaded. Now, my PC skills are not the best - so take what I can give - it was darn hard to do them originally with a typewriter let me tell you!

B-17: Queen of the Skies
Divum Regina (unofficial variant)
Deck Back:

Artscow Link: http://www.artscow.com/share/w68au2qpdqza

Catan: Cities & Knights
WAR: A Players Variant (unofficial variant)
Deck Back:

Artscow Link: In Progress

Johnny Reb III
Ut Filiolus Mos (unofficial variant)
Deck Back:

Artscow Link: http://www.artscow.com/share/4eqlx2k68y8l

Supremacy: Fortuna
Fortuna II (unofficial Variant)
Deck Back:

Artscow Links: (4 decks)
Deck One: http://www.artscow.com/share/wehm7my0ep18
Deck Two: http://www.artscow.com/share/e6uodjjnqoeg
Deck Three: http://www.artscow.com/share/v4mbf63ma14c
Deck Four: http://www.artscow.com/share/w5tlaf00ojl2

GENERAL magazine: I have just about every issue from Volume 13 through the end (Volume 32 No 3) - if you need a article, let me know!


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Registration Date: 2006-10-12
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State: Michigan
Town/City: Clinton Township
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Top 10
#1: The Civil War
#2: Rise and Decline of the Third Reich
#3: Johnny Reb III
#4: Bloody April: The Battle of Shiloh, 1862
#5: Canvas Eagles
#6: B-17: Queen of the Skies
#7: Catan
#8: Titan
#9: Kingmaker
#10: Advanced Civilization
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