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Lifelong Gamer.

I have finally surpassed 200 game files uploaded to the Geek! [September 2012]

My 200th Game File!

My Tribute Avatars

Plea To My GeekBuddies

Tuckbox Assembly Treatise

ConSimGeek Is Here!
As I have long been predicting.

My biggest contribution here?
I submit a ton of game files.
I was the first BGG user to submit 100 files!

She helped a LOT.
Christine Conboy
United States
New York
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Give thumbs to game files. It's free, and it's easy.

I promise to not make game aids using tiny fonts.

Getting gender references correct since 1993!

I have uploaded over 200 files here and I have been able to avoid the use of gender-specific wordings. I often find I have to change the wording of rules to remove the "he" only text which people often claim are the only way to write. They are wrong! "They" normally works, and there is nothing wrong or clumsy with "he or she". Magic The Gathering has been using "he or she" on every card ever exclusively since 1993 and it has never been a problem.

If "he or she" is good enough for Magic The Gathering then it's good enough for me. If it doesn't work for you then look up "misogyny".

Game Goof Images I Made

Stupid Fact #1
First to use BGG thumb up/down system for voting. Turned out a lot of people wanted to play Puerto Rico that weekend: Puerto Rico This Weekend Thumbs

Stupid Fact (B)
Created the first self-referencing GeekList comment, in the fist self-referencing GeekList: Popular GeekList Subjects

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler." Albert Einstein


fiddly: Awkward to handle or do, especially if the task requires delicate finger movements. 'Fiddly' has to do with physical bits (touching and fingering). Fiddling is concerned with finger movements.

A game with lots of bits which are awkward to handle and move is 'fiddly'.

niggly: Preoccupied with trifles or petty details. 'Niggly' has to do with mental concepts (rules and systems). Niggling is concerned with trivial details.

A game with excessive rules exceptions and extraneous detail is 'niggly'.

Cooperative Games vs Team Games

Co-operative Vs Cooperative: The non-hyphenated version wins out! When truncated, it is 'co-op', to disambiguate it from 'coop', the home for chickens. Since people here can't spell this word, it isn't a surprise that people here don't know how to use this word with regards to gaming. A game which has 'cooperative elements' (notice the lack of hyphen) is not a 'cooperative game' necessarily.

A cooperative game is a game in which all players together win as a group. It isn't enough that all players may lose as a group, nor is it enough that all or some players together have to team up during the game - if that were the case then Diplomacy is a 'cooperative game' (note again the non-use of a hyphen).

Rules Lawyering: Arguing the rules of a game *for* someone, which may be yourself, or may be another player. A 'rules lawyer' is someone willing to look up the facts and help advocate for a player based on those facts, according to the game's rules and maybe errata. In and of itself it's not a disparaging term, it is completely neutral. Some who is being a rules lawyer is often being a super nice advocate for someone else, someone else who is their opponent in a game!

GROGnads - BGG War Game Czar
Robert Wesley
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My Fair Lady: "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!"

Translated into GROGnadian:

laugh 'moi' thang! Keep those 'asshats' upon a moist-y cock-a-hiss-Spaniard peninsu-L-A-R where the 's-u-n' don't *shine*...! angry

I have sported the following tribute avatars:

...each link to their peeps!

Tribute to my Fire Fighter brother-in-law, d. September 11, 2001
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