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Just a personal hint to all those homophobes, racists, sexists and other
people with an unethical agenda. I will not stop commenting whenever you post, publish or otherwise put some of your deragatory and dangerous ideology in this world. And i dont care if it is a post, a "funny" joke a board or a videogame or an RPG. I will continue my hunt for you on this site. And someday, maybe geekdom will not be shadowed by your shallow and dangerous, deranged worldviews.

Put here after some person thought it would make me stop by trying to get the moderators to delete a post of mine because i said that the main author of a new "game" is a homophobe and a hatespeaker.

AH! I will never play Chess again! I saw a Bishop in real life yesterday and he was walking FORWARDS!!!!
We know from chess that they can only move diagonally, but this obvious inconsistancy with life ruins the game for me.

I quit.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, cheap 3D printers are the future of miniature games. The company that realizes that, and adjusts their business model to compliment it will survive and prosper. Those that fight it, will suffer.

Between the time when the oceans drank New Orleans, and the rise of the sons of Bush, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this, Arnold, destined to wear the indebted crown of California upon a troubled brow. It is I, his political biographer, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high Republican opinion polls!


To be honest I've come to the conclusion that dungeonpunk is the kind of style you get when Celtic (especialy Belgic and Brigantic) influences outway Frankish and Gothic ones -- say what would have happened had the Celts conquered Rome rather than the germans (gross simplification) -- bare chests, died hair, spikes, and tattoos.


Orks are basically soccer hooligans with green skin and big gunz... and buggies. Red buggies of course, 'cos as everyone knows, red wunz go fasta.



In all seriousness, I think Van Saars were always just let down a bit by some dodgy sculpts and paintjobs that made them look a bit garish, a bit 80s and a bit like a gang of dads having a midlife crisis which doesn't really fit in with the grimdark vibe.

Bructius http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/user/profile/57468.page

I had left the hobby going to university and reading about So40k Vol I (a great article, written as fluff piece, where an Inquisitor tries to track down the heretics daring to publish something that´s not Metal related to 40k, released in a rather big mag on - mostly- indie music) got me back in.


The Imperium probably has ship spotters in the same way we have railway enthusiasts.

Some rude CSM partner did:
*opens beer bottle*
*drinks it quick*
*belches loudly*
*puts the bottle on the field*
- there's my dreadnought...



I once played a Necron army, (before the latest incarnation) Then the metal necron warriors came in a box of 5 plus some metal scrabs.

Well coz the guy didn't have enough Necrons he'd cut out the pictures of the necrons from the box sleeve and then stuck them to slota bases.

So I ended up playing 10 metal necrons and 10 cardboard necrons.


Convince your opponents to buy action-man figures to do their army. Then do your army using real rats.

Problem solved! And you'll save about 10% too if you buy the rats in bulk... :\

i liked this conversation :

JRR Tolkien's novels are thought to be an allegory of racial supremacy. Yeah, I don't get it either.
Tall strong Nordic Europeans taking back their lebensraum from the dirty Mongoloids.

"Give me a huggable Ork plush anyday though. You could squeeze him and a little voice chip would say "Dakka Dakka Dakka." "

A lousy guitar player sounds the same on a $75 guitar as a $7500 instrument.
A genuine master strummer can make that expensive guitar SOUND LIKE a $7500
instrument. Paint is no different.
I hate elves. They're just people but prettier and better. It's annoying.

Drow are elves but evil. And you know they are evil because of their black skin, and because they are run by women.

And everyone wants to play the outcast good drow who is out to prove he is not like his evil, black, feminist race. Because they get two scimitars and a catgoddess buddy and call their cock "Twinkle". And angst. Cockangst.

Angie Gallant
ja ich werde auch direkt mein ganzen Bodenbelag raus reißen und zu einer begehbaren Spielfläche machen.


Or should I just build him a super Dwarven axe.


He will get a better weapon, but that weapon lies in Spoiler land.

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