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David Grietens
Vlaams Brabant
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Ceci, ce n'est pas Magritte
The name Magritte was chosen because David was already taken. Magritte is a famous Belgian surrealistic painter that lived between 1898-1967. I very much appreciate his work.

I was born in 1964. Live in Kessel-Lo near Leuven since 1995. I grew up in Keerbergen, a nice little village in the woods.

Last Played

Friendless Statistics
I'm a great fan of the "Friendless Statistics". Unfortunately I only started registering all my game plays from August 2007 (Also did some logging in 2005 but stopped doing that because of repeated comments from opponents, saying it was stupid to do so), while I have been playing intensively since 2001. Also my plays as a teenager could not be registered (with a few exceptions. I used to write plays on a piece of paper and include it in the gamebox. BGG avant la letter)

Friendless Statistics
Friendless Statistics (tabbed)
My Game Collection
For trade (I can ship to Belgium and The Netherlands via Kiala)
Want to play

My Game collection (without "for trades")

Gaming Biography
I have always loved boardgames. It started with the MB Spellen, Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH and Clipper games in the 70's. Great tv commercials brought games like Duivelsdriehoek, Cluedo and Duikbootjacht come to life, and I was immediately sold. At school (when I was younger than 12), 1 week before the school holidays started, we could bring games to the classroom, and play them. That is where I first saw Stratego. Because there was a long waiting list to play this exciting game, and there was only one board, I decided to buy one myself and invite a friend at home to play with me.

From that moment on, I bought other games and got more friends. Risk soon became my most played game and after a while more war related games entered my collection. It started with simple games like Tank Battle and Embuscades!. But soon more complex games hit the table like Seastrike, Kingmaker, Confrontation, ... This all happened when I was 12-15.

Scotland Yard was one of the last "old" games that I played before losing interest in gaming, because of marriage and studies.

15 years later, I noticed some new exciting games like Catan and Tikal and started playing them with my family. That is where my love for games was reignited and ever since I have been growing my gaming experience and game collection.

After intensive gaming over the last decade, I'm currently a big fan of games designed by Stefan Feld, Matthias Cramer, Martin Wallace, Wolfgang Kramer, Rüdiger Dorn.

I like games with a convincing realistic theme and enjoy light to medium heavy games the most. Once in a while it may even be a very heavy game. Look at my Top 10 to see what I mean (Top 10 is based on the Huber Happiness Metric).

Games that take more than 2 hours to play, have to be damn good and exciting to get me on the table.

Where I play(ed)
I used to play a lot at home, in Kessel-Lo (Leuven), but that number has gone down considerably since I don't have a partner anymore that likes games.

Over the past 15 years, I visited quite a lot of gaming clubs in Leuven (Speelduivel, Speelcafé), Gent (Speltafel, Spellement), Zwijnaarde (Mammoeten), Tienen (Dokapi), Aarschot (De Speeldoos), Mechelen (De Spelfanaat), Hemiksem (Sir Playalot), Diest (Spellenhut), Wespelaar (De pittige pion), Lille (SpinLi), Geel (Geel Pionneke), Aalst (Prettig Gescoord), Leiden-NL (Phoenix), Capelle a/d IJssel-NL (Phoenix), Den Bosch-NL (De Dobbelsteen), Sassenheim-NL (Spellenpret), Amsterdam-NL (Amsterdice)

My all time top 20
My 20 most original and fun games

1. Dixit--- Artistic gem that leaves nobody indifferent.
2. Hoity Toity --- Light game with original gameplay
3. In the Year of the Dragon --- My "Bohemian Rhapsody" game.
4. Himalaya --- Most original scoring keeps everybody in the running until the very end.
5. Brass --- Sometimes Brass is worth gold.
6. Helvetia --- Such a nicely designed game.
7. Glen More --- You don't need Whisky to like this game.
8. I'm the Boss! --- 0-downtime
9. On the Underground --- My favorite 2-player game.
10. Thebes--- Archeology as a perfect family game

11. Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar --- Most appealing heavy strategic game of the last few years
12. Buccaneer --- A game doesn't need to be complicated to be thematically "correct"
13. Colosseum--- Behind the lovely game material, there is a very good game with a credible theme
14. Endeavor --- Never saw a more original way to replay continent discovery
15. Ticket to Ride --- The new maps keep this classic in my top 20
16. San Marco --- Splitting cards in a split second
17. Love Letter --- you don't need a lot of cards to make a very original game
18. Witch's Brew --- Heduda - Heduda not
19. Cuba --- You can smell the cuban cigars
20. Yspahan --- Fast, honest and elegant game fun, without being shallow.

Game Scoring
In March 2013 I started to re-evaluate my game scores, according to the following scheme. I give 1 point if the statement following 1: is true. I add 0 points if the statement after 0: is true.
Note that statements 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 try to ask for objective general criteria, 7 indicates how much "I" like the theme and is thus purely subjective. 3 is somehow a subjective evaluation of the gameplay. How does it feel? 5 is an objective criteria that is related to my own playing history. Nevertheless, I believe that the number of times you play a game is not only a question of personal preference, but also indicates how much others like to play this game. So seen in this way, number of plays is a general objective criteria that says something about how much people in my environment like the game (and thus not only me)

I recently noticed that Le Tour de Geek had already set up a similar scheme for judging games and I've added some comments linking my scheme with this scheme that I didn't know about when I came up with my 10 criteria (TdG name in paranthesis).

(1. Social; 2. Thematic credibility; 3. Gameplay; 4. Artistic; 5. Popularity; 6. Originality; 7. My Theme; 8. Design; 9. Universality; 10. Depth)

1. Social
- 1: Playable with 2, 3 and 4 players.
- 0: Not playable with 2, 3 or 4 players.

2. Thematic credibility
- 1: Theme is very present, and credibly implemented
- 0: Theme doesn’t feel present while playing. Dry game that concentrates on mechanism
Le Tour de Geek wrote:
(Thematic Fit) Is it just pasted on or is it integrated into the mechanics? This of course includes the quality and richness of the theme, are you exploring the galaxy? Imposing your will on Middle Earth? Fighting the Cold War? Building a cathedral? Or enjoyings some agrarian farming?

David wrote:
Recently I created two Geeklists, that collected Wonderfully themed games and Badly themed games. That issued a lot of discussion on what "wonderful themed games" really are. As I learned, it means different things for different people.

For me a game is wonderfully themed, if it has interesting metaphors that implement reality, and there is a convincing realistic story (narrative) that supports the game. While a game can never simulate reality perfectly, when a game succeeds in teasing people's imagination, to think they are really in the theme, they are playing a role in the theme that is convincing, I would speak of a wonderfully themed game. That explains seeing a game as wonderfully themed, is actually a very subjective matter, and can be different for different people.

3. Gameplay
- 1: Game is exciting until the end for everyone (Low downtime, high interaction, Acceptable playtime, High Replayability)
- 0: Game has high downtime, low interaction, long playtime, or gets boring after a few games
Le Tour de Geek wrote:
(Tension/Excitement; Good Use of Time; Gamer interaction, Replayability)
* Game that has the most tension and/or excitement. Will you pull off your long shot plan to win? Will your opponent take the card you want? Can you roll a ten or more to capture the city? Just how many blocks did red put in there?
* Which game makes the best use of your time? Which has the shortest set-up time? Which has the least downtime between your moves? Which gives you the most enjoyment for the time invested?
* What game has the most player interaction? In which games do you have to talk most with the other players? In which games do the moves you make on the board have the most direct impact on other players?
* Which game could you play over a hundred times and still want more? Which game rewards multiple plays with new experiences, potential strategies and revelations of depth? Which game do you want to play again immediately after finishing a game?

4. Artistic
- 1: Game material is attractive and functional
- 0: Game material is not very attractive or functional
Le Tour de Geek wrote:
(Art/components) Which game has the most amazing art? What about the best bits? The coolest components? Which game makes you go "ooh" and "aah" without even knowing how to play?

5. Popularity
- 1: I played this 5 times or more.
- 0: I played this less than 5 times.

6. Originality
- 1: Original game mechanics (at least when published).
- 0: I’ve seen these mechanisms before. Nothing Original.

7. My Theme
- 1: I love the theme
- 0: I don’t really like the theme.

8. Design
- 1: Well designed game mechanics
- 0: Game mechanics are broken or not interesting enough to bother. Or too much luck for this kind of game

9. Universality
- 1: Everybody can play this game
- 0: You need to be an expert, to play this game. Newbies will struggle with mechanics, rules, strategy, theme, ...
Le Tour de Geek wrote:
(Non Gamer Appeal, Ease to Learn) * The appeal of the game to non gamers. How Accessible is it? These are games that probably make good gateway games: "A game with simple rules that are easy to teach non-gamers in order to attract new players into boardgaming as a hobby
* What game can be easily learnt from the rulebook? What game can someone explain to you quickly and you can play a decent first game of? What game do you have a chance of winning on your first play against experienced players?

10. Depth
- 1: Depth, more than one strategy to win.
- 0: This game has no Depth. Shallow strategies or more luck than your opponents will be enough to win.
Le Tour de Geek wrote:
(Strategic Depth) What game has the most strategic depth? Which has the most opportunity for complex decision-making? Which has many paths to victory? Which games reward forward planning? Which game has multiple levels of strategic depth which can be gradually discovered?

[] Correction (Want to Play)
After seeing some of my games getting high scores, while I don't really like them, I decided on 7/10/2014 to add an extra criteria that reflects how much I would like to play the game again today (moving target, i know).
Its game night tonight! What do you want to play?
But, it would be something that could change all the time, playing a game once could make a want to play game into a don't want to play game.

I decided to make this a criteria that can cost a game 1 or 2 points, depending on how likely it is I will ever play it again. -2 means, I'm very sure it will not happen, I will reject when somebody proposes it. -1 is a maybe, but I would not bring it to the table myself, and I could say yes when somebody asks. This criteria will be noted as follows : [-1] [-2]

David wrote:
I deliberately don't add the following dimensions of Le Tour the Geek because they are not that important to me:
Intellectual Challenge, Memorability (result of other parameters), Fun (covered by Gameplay, Popularity); Value for money (difficult to define what is the cost of a game)

Expansion Scoring
1. More Social
Improves playability with 2, 3, 4 or more players
2. Thematic
Makes sense for the theme
3. More Exciting
Improves game excitement (downtime, interaction or/and playtime)
4. Artistic
Material is attractive and functional
5. Popularity
played this 5 times or more
6. Originality
Original, surprising addition
7. Value for money
Expansion is worth the money
8. Useability
When expansion is available, I will almost always use it,
or it's actually a game on its own
9. Universality
Expansion is valued by newbies and experienced players
10. More depth
Introduces more Depth into the game

I have, over the years, produced some movies on game fairs like Spiel in Essen.

Spiel 2007

Spiel 2008

Spiel 2009

Spiel 2010

"Spel" fair November 2009 Broechem (Belgium)

Ducosim March 2010 Amersfoort (Holland)

Interview with Game Designer Dirk Liekens

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Top 10
#1: Dixit
#2: Hoity Toity
#3: In the Year of the Dragon
#4: Himalaya
#5: Brass
#6: Helvetia
#7: Glen More
#8: I'm the Boss!
#9: On the Underground
#10: Thebes
Hot 10
#1: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
#2: Qwirkle
#3: El Gaucho
#4: Patchwork
#5: La Isla
#6: Kanban: Automotive Revolution
#7: Las Vegas Boulevard
#8: Helios
#9: Vanuatu
#10: Sanssouci
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