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I cut my teeth in RPGs with the Star Wars d6 Roleplaying Game by West End Games. I was 14, and had a friend, Mike, who had played for a few years with his brothers. We were both in the same musical in high school, and he began teaching me the game in between rehearsals. We played anywhere we could, back stage, in the green room.

Soon, he introduced me to the Usagi Yojimbo RPG. The idea that you could be anything you wanted to be really inspired me. However, when the show’s run ended, so did the games.

It would be another year when, while at a gaming store, I stumbled upon the recently released Star Wars D20 RPG by Wizards of the Coast. I saved my money, and snatched it up. I was able to gather up a group of friends, including Mike and his brother, my brother, two good friends and a female friend of mine. Playing in the time of Episode 1, we played every other weekend for 8 hours, the group continued on for a full year, with me as the game master, and a couple of the players guest game mastering.

With time, the group split up. Personal conflict amongst a few players, and a slowing lack of interest slowly led us in other directions. I tried to pick up games here and there, bringing a few players back for a one-shot game of the Lord of the Rings RPG, and a few one shot games of Risus.

I began working at a game store, the now defunct Getaway Games in Spokane, Wa. There, with a great discount, my RPG collection began to grow.

I’ve played and run a few games here and there in the intervening years, including a lot of Star Wars. My skills have continued to flourish and grow, leading me to where I am now. I have experience in over a dozen RPGs, and own more than 50 board and card games.

I am the editor-in-chief of DiceMonkey.net, founded Plot Points (marvelplotpoints.com) as well as a podcaster for Dice Monkey Radio.

I'm now a game designer, working on a variety of board, card and roleplaying games.

I’m married to an amazing wife, who has been steadily being corrupted by my gaming powers, a son who has a Charisma score of 18, and a daughter who casts Charm as a free action.
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