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Colonel des Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde Impériale de Sa Majesté l’Empereur Gonzo le Grand
Hi there, welcome to my profile. I am a wargamer of over 30 years, but basically I like all board games. As so many of you, I started my wargaming career by playing Chess (the game of mankind, but too "mathematical and abstract" to me), Risk (not a wargame) and Stratego (a brilliant and simple wargame, yet too "small and abstract").

My first real wargame I ever bought was Avalon Hill's "Panzer Leader", soon to be followed by TSR's "A Gleam Of Bayonets".

I am a follower of the inimitable Gonzo the Great, and the world would definitely be a better place if he were to rule it as Supreme Emperor (apart from an occasional delusion like this one, I am actually quite normal and fine, thanks). I hold a commission in his glorious army as Regimental Colonel of his imperial mounted grenadiers (and yes, like our French namesakes of the Napoleonic age, we still only use cold steel as our arms and ride horses, even in these modern times).

Should you ever doubt his greatness, just watch the scene where he valiantly attempts to diffuse a bomb, while reciting a poem by Percy Byssche Shelly backwards (mind you), being brutally sabotaged by that nefarious MAMA (in episode 407 with Dudley Moore, see http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_407:_Dudley_Moore), as can be seen here:


Sadly, I cannot always devote as much time to BGG as I would want to, so occasionally you will have to be patient when expecting a "reply" of some kind.

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