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“A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.” ― William G.T. Shedd
The Girl - My name is Nathalie, you can call me Babs. I'm originally from Dieppe (New Brunswick) on the East coast of Canada but relocated to Calgary (Alberta) with my husband in the fall of 2006. Beyond being a gamer, I am a photographer, a dreamer, a geocacher, a runner, I'm a Bon Jovi fan, I volunteer for FallCon (Calgary's premier board gaming convention), I collect postcards (and hobbies, apparently). I love opportunities; I maintain a bucket list.

The Family: We don't have kids. We have a dog, a big one. We rescued Buster the horse dog in early 2010. He weighs about 90lbs and is a lap dog. He enjoys joining us on road trips. The photo below was taken in the summer of 2014 on our annual trek to Waterton Lakes National Park for a picnic.

The Gamer: I'm not very competitive. I enjoy winning, but it's not a priority (which is a good thing because it very rarely happens): I play for the company of friends, not the victory. I host a girl's gaming meetup once a month as part of The Calgary Tabletop Gaming Meetup Group(there's probably a good 6-8 regulars, with a usual attendance of 12 or so). I try to attend at least one meetup a month (besides my hosting). My husband and I play a few games a week just the 2 of us, and on occasion a friend drops by to make it a third. I prefer games that aren't super economic (although, I love Power Grid).

The Postcard Collector: My mother started the postcard collection for me when I was a baby. I want to collect a postcard from as many countries as possible. If you are able to send me a postcard from a country from which I don't have a postcard - I would be forever grateful! Geekmail me for my address. You can see the list of countries from which I have a postcard over here.

Random things, a list:
E I love Pandas!
E I like the numbers: 00, 12, 16, 35.
E I have trouble counting in English.
E My superpowers of choice would be: Omni-linguism and Teleportation
E I'm a picky eater.
E I don't stretch enough.
E My favourite colours are: Red, Yellow & Pink
E I'm a big fan and supporter of the Pay It Forward and Random Acts of Kindness movements.

Nathalie Rating System: I can't be bothered to rate games on a scale of 1 to 10, So I came up with a simpler rating system. Love it, Like it, Meh (I don't want to say that I hate a game. so "Meh!" it is!)

My WishList: I don't like to rank my wishlist games - by default, I put them all at "3 - like to have". The games that have a "love it" rating are probably a bit higher on my priority list than others, but it doesn't mean I'll get those first.

(link shortener version of my owned games: https://goo.gl/YUpIZX)


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Last Profile Update: 2016-01-23
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Town/City: Calgary, AB /
Website: http://www.babineau.ca
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