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Dennis de Vries
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Ah, doctor, that aneasthetic is perfect!

Hello everyone!

I'm a proud Dutchman who wanted to buy a specific boardgame a few years ago and came here... and I never left.

I must add that I'm first and foremost a theme park enthusiast (and I still am!): because of this hobby I got in touch with pinball, and later on, boardgames. Boardgames scratch the same itch as pinball machines, but the boardgames are more accessible, sociable, and less expensive. The social and creative/imaginative aspect of boardgames give me a sense of an amusement park (for my hobbies I'm always looking for a kind of 'theme park factor' ).

Thanks for having me here!

Items for trade/sale

If you are interested in one of my boardgames/expansions/promos: please PM me, we might work out a trade or sale. For promos: 5 euro per (set) of promos (including shipping). If it's a Spielbox promo, I'll always add the (English) magazine (if I still have that magazine). Of course, everything is negotiable.

Boardgame interests

As I mentioned above, I really like the social, creative, imaginative aspect of boardgames. Sometimes a theme grabs me, sometimes the art/esthetics grabs me. That makes me play a game or maybe even wanting/owning it.

If I only look at gameplay: I love abstract games, especially the 'pattern' abstracts (like Go, a little less the chess-like abstracts, because I am prone to AP and I don't like hitting/losing pieces). I like the gameplay where you can improve over time: you have to learn the game to get better. I really like that kind of challenge.

Of course I should mention the things I really don't like in boardgames. That is: auctions (especially the 'free' auctions where nothing determines the bids, in contrast (example): in Taj Mahal the cards dictate the bid) and I don't like deckbuilding. Deckbuilding is something I just don't want to waste my time on. This is highly subjective, but I just don't have fun building a deck and having an auction.

In the end it doesn't really matter what game I play and it doesn't matter if I win or lose: just the fun with others (wife, family, friends) is actually enough.


My rating for games is for me personal: the comment is the most important part, but it's mostly a personal story/experience/reflection.

In my ratings I try to stick to the BGG rating as much as possible, but I also try to take into account the rating I think my wife, family and friends would have (I get some comments from them during/after gameplay and I try to translate it to the following ratings):
1 (don't like it);
5.5 (neutral);
10 (like it);

For myself I use the following rates:
1 (don't like and never play again);
3 (don't like, but can be talked into playing);
6 (neutral);
8 (like it and want to play);
10 (really like it and want to play it all the time)

By combining these numbers and taking the mean, I get my rating which reflects especially how likely I will play this game again with my wife/family/friends.

The expansions are a relative rating to the rating of the base game. If the expansion enhances the gameplay it will get a higher rating, if it doesn't: it will get lower and if the rating is the same it means that the expansion is a nice addition and blends in.

H-index 2013: 8 (I played 10 different games at least 8 times)
H-index 2014: 14(I played 15 different games at least 14 times)
H-index 2015: 15 (I played 16 different games at least 15 times)
H-index 2016: 16 (I played 16 different games at least 16 times)

Small diary

For 2014 I wanted to 'stop buying and start playing' boardgames, so I signed up for the '2014 10x10 challenge'. Wish me luck! Menghini's 10x10 challenge

And I finished the hardcore challenge!

In 2015 I won't participate in any challenges because life has given (or: will give) my wife and me another (beautiful) challenge...

And what a challenge it is! Our boy saw the world for the first time on wednesday the 6th of May in 2015!

And for 2016 I continue my 'stop buying and start playing' challenge. This time by actually refraining from buying new board games for myself (Menghini's stop buying challenge) My son became my new nr. 1 hobby!
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#1: Go
#2: 7 Wonders
#3: Knightmare Chess
#4: Tigris & Euphrates
#5: Mage Knight Board Game
#6: Caverna: The Cave Farmers
#7: Hive
#8: Catan Card Game
#9: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#10: Android: Netrunner
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#1: Reef Encounter
#2: Roll for the Galaxy
#3: High Frontier
#4: Patchwork
#5: Sylvion
#6: Quantum
#7: Tokaido
#8: The Ravens of Thri Sahashri
#9: 7 Wonders: Duel
#10: The Big Book of Madness
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