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I will play almost anything, I'm a real game slut most of the time if my opponents are decent people. For that, I am fortunate to have a couple of gaming groups (Sunday & some Thursday nights with an occasional Friday night session) who play a wide range of games, the styles of games vary as much as the gamers themselves.

If there was one thing I would change about the Eurogame revolution, it would be this idea of "playing for place". I've always been a "winner takes all" style of gamer & will throw away a guaranteed second place in a wild attempt to take first. In that, I am known for my unpredictable play (other than that I will try & win).

Other than that, sometimes the un-thematic approach to many Eurogames (yes, I'm looking at your games Reiner) drives me to distraction & too many of them in a row makes for an unsatisfactory nights gaming, sigh... (saved by the fact that most of my gaming group are friends, so it's time to spend with good people first & foremost)

All of that said, I dislike games that are basically solitaire events of churning through cards or tiles to get something special, I like games that have interaction & this is where so many Eurogames, despite amazing mechanics, fall down, they're just not interactive & thus become bland & pointless.

I quite like long games, I just hate SLOW games. Over-analysing positions bores me stupid. Fast play & thinking on your feet are skills essential to good gaming. Play a few games of lightning chess if you can't read a board fast, you'll pick up the skills quickly enough.

I have yet to play the perfect game though, which is why I have not scored any game a "10/10" yet, maybe one day.

I have in the past sometimes been my Sunday night's gaming group designated photographer. Many of which end up on the The Mind Shaft Gap http://themineshaftgap.com/blog/

But for non-gaming type pictures, some of them are here


I always shoot Canon now, a 350D & a 400D with a selection of lenses (mostly genuine Canon), but the 1 I use most on game night is the Sigma 30mm f/1.4.

Videogames, should put something in now that VGG & RPGG is here. I grew up on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition), though I'd rather play MMO type video games now than RLRPGs. Or mindless shooters that combined good gameplay, a linear story line & good graphics.
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