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Played the usual mediocre/crappy games as a kid. Discovered 'Go' in the early nineties and loved it, but didn't find players among friends. I think Go is a great game although I still suck at it.

Got a pack of Magic around '94 but again nobody to play it with. Discovered Settlers of Catan in 1997 and liked it a lot. I loved the "but I almost won too" feel when becoming second or third as opposed to the traditional "I lost" feel most games had. Started a little game group with friends, got El Grande, La Citta and picked up more games occasionally. My collection grew slow but steady. Mostly 'euro'games.

Discovered the Geek Dec. '06 while searching for new games. Got bitten by the bug. Found out about Spiel at Essen. My collection grew like a rabbit family, free shelf space in my living room got absent after getting about 100 games every year in 2007 to 2009. I became a BoardGameJunkie.

After Essen '09 I had full shelves, so I needed to put myself on a buying restriction by trying a 1 in, 1 out diet. Didn't work. Eventually slowed down in buying, but there are still quite some unplayed games in my collection. 3 years ago I've moved to a bigger house, so now I have a game room for storage.

I feel I have quite a nice collection now, with almost all the grails I want. I think more than 500 games is quite enough, so my strategy is only get different or really great games while trying to get rid of some less loved games, since my taste in games have shifted over the past years.

I currently like games with real interaction, and I don't like a 'pasted on' theme if it's not an abstract. So I got rid of most of my Knizia's, and I haven't found a Feld game I really enjoy.

I love tough gamer games with rich themes and loads of interaction. Personally I'd rather play one good long game than 4 average shorter games, but getting them on the tabel is another thing. Fortunately I like short fun games, quirky themes and dexterity games as well.

I have a weekly group with 2 buddies that prefer shorter games. Meet regularly with other geekbuddies to get the longer games on the table and go to a regular gameday here in Utrecht. So I'm a pretty happy junkie that get's his fix regularly and plays most of his games at least once.

I enjoy both the strategical build-up element of boardgaming, as well as the social "screw your neighbor"/have a laugh/have a beer gamegroups. Since the social element of boardgaming is usually more important than winning.

My Top 10 is my "best over the years" list. Hardly any use of just filling it with Wallace or Splotter games (10 spots wouldn't be enough) so that's why it's a mixed bunch.

My Hot 10 is what I like the best of "new to me games" that I have played recently. So anything high in there that lasts long enough (after >3 plays) might find it's way into My Top 10 eventually.

I used to post onto the "new-to-me" geeklists, but I'd rather spend my time playing instead of writing. I log all my plays, and rate all my games, so it's pretty easy to find out what I like if you'd like to know more.
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Top 10
#1: Martin Wallace
#2: Splotter Spellen
#3: Power Grid
#4: American Rails
#5: Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648
#6: StarCraft: The Board Game
#7: Crokinole
#8: After Pablo
#9: Nexus Ops
#10: El Grande
Hot 10
#2: The Foreign King
#3: Claustrophobia
#4: The Great Zimbabwe
#5: Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan
#6: Snowdonia
#7: Eclipse
#8: Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
#9: Machi Koro
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