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Get your finger out of my face!
After a few years in this great hobby of ours, I've finally mostly overcome the "need to get everything!" phase and the "let's play a new game every day!" phase. I'm very happily settling down into the "hey, I have a ton of great games already. let's play and enjoy these over and over again and just be content" phase. Sure it's fun to set up trades to try something new, math out $100 online game store orders to hit free shipping, and watch all the 'new hotness' videos, but I've built up a formidable pile of games, many with few or even no plays, and I'm really getting a kick out of playing through the stuff I already own and love.

I tend to lean towards fairly dry euro-style games and based on the groups I typically get to play with, I prefer 40-70 minute games with low-mid difficulty. I'm trying to force myself to try more ameritrashy story/theme-heavy games since I recognize that there's a difference between a great game and great experience, and one game rarely gives you both. I'm also very much in the process of trying to convince my kids that boardgaming is awesome (and it seems to be working) and am thrilled that they're finally getting old enough to start playing "real" games.

Tucson has a fantastic gaming community with a solid splattering of monthly events, which I'm very happy to actively be a part of. Meeting new folks and spending face-to-face time with others is one of the main draws of gaming for me, and it's been a wonderful venue for getting to know numerous folks I now consider to be friends. If you're in Southern AZ, come join the Tucson BGG Guild!

Also feel free to keep an eye on some of my current gaming escapades via @Mike_Tuna on twitter.

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