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Dear Santa,

I want to be honest with you. I am 41 years old and I decided to write again a letter to you just 2 years ago, and that's since my childhood. The reason was and remains that I still feel the need to believe in kindness, giving, miracles, magic. That's maybe because of my 3-years-old son and the need to convince myself at first and then him, that you really exist. You have proven last year, that not only you do exist, but you are very generous and kind.

Of course we live in difficult times (financial, political etc.) and I think that things in North Pole may be even more difficult, but I still hope that there could be a better future.

My wishlist is ready (I tried to keep it as small as possible). I use to buy games at which is the closest to my country option I have. There is also located in Greece.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you receive my message.

Thank you

Here is last Christmas photo (me, my daughter Fay and my son Maximus) under the Christmas tree holding Santa's present

14 Nov 2014

Dear Santa,

One thing I have to say: W O W! Not one day has passed and my Santa sent me a letter! That's amazing! It's a nice thing that Mrs. Santa is helping. I hope the spirit of Christmas makes my wife more willing in playing games next year.
To your questions now: I don't rate expansions because I believe they shouldn't be rated as individual games. An expansion adds in or subtracts from a game's total rank. So, if for example, I have rated game X with 8, and I get an expansion I won't rate the expansion; I will see what the game's rate should be with the expansion: higher, lower or the same and I will change (or not) the main game's rate.
Now regarding Redmeeple I have never purchased anything from there, so I don't know anything about credibility or variety.

Thank you again for your prompt reply.

Best regards

21 Nov 2014

Santa are you OK?

I haven't heard of you this last week and I am a little worried.
I know you are busy at this time of year and I hope everything runs smoothly.

22 Nov 2014

Well, I was pretty sure that you haven't forgotten me! I wanted just to be sure that you've got my previous message.
Regarding your last mail, I would say that my wife enjoys lighter games. Her favorites are: Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan (She ALWAYS wins - no matter if she puts her initial settlements on a "2" or "3", she wins nevertheless), Himalaya, Takenoko, Keltis, Dixit (I hate it), Hart an den Grenze. Together we used to play Lost cities, but now we are stuck to Love Letter which I have always with me. My daughter loves Blue Moon City, which is one of my favorites too.
I like deduction games very much (Tobago is one of my favorites) and I personally dislike games where luck is the main element (I consider Catan one of them - probably because my wife wins all games).
Maximos is still stuck with his little cars (he has tons of them). His playground is just under the place where we store our boardgames and lately he wanted to "play" some of them (it was the first time he actually seemed to notice all of these games over his head). My little son seems to like puzzle games (for example he tried to put the little discs of Attika on their corresponding mats of each city). Of course he's too young to actually play something so I am based just on hints.

When I don't play games, I search for new games! I read rules a lot (both for games I have or I am interested in) and everywhere (toilet, bed etc.). I also play bridge, mainly on the internet. I also like to walk or drive and I love to travel. Finally I like to watch sports (ANY kind). Maybe that's because I am not so "fitness orientated" person...

My secret ambition is to own a place where everybody could come and play boardgames, while enjoying their food or drink. I hope I can make it one day (currently there is nothing like that where I live and I doubt that there is one even in the whole Greece).

That's it! That's my little "confession".

Give my regards to Mrs. Santa.

28 Nov 2014

Oh dear Santa,

That is (or could be) a hard task. I mean, whenever I tried to seek the hidden meanings of a poem or try to write a (readable) poem I failed completely. Recently I found a poem on the internet and would like to share it with you:

"Dear Santa, I'm older
But, still believe in you
(At least, I believe in
The things you try, to do).

Maybe, I can't ask for
A Tonka, or, a train.
(But, if you'd bring one of them
You know, I won't complain).

But, what I really wish for
Is a special present
Love that can't be "returned"
Once it has been sent.

Everybody needs a little
And some, need a lot
But, if you get a tiny bit
You still know what you got.

So Santa, drop a little
Under each Christmas tree
Then, all will get a present
From what it's 'posed to be.

And if there is no tree
For the alone, and poor
When you get, to their place
Just, drop, a little more."

I hope you like it like I did.

7 Dec 2014

Dear Santa,

I'm really happy you liked the poem and thank you in advance for the game for my wife and me. For some days I will not be at home (I went to visit my daughter in Patra where she studies). So, hopefully I will post a picture when I'm back home.

Thank you again

15 Dec 2014

Today I received a package which I think is from you. Can I open it?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love this little gem and I hope it will get very much on the table.
This is a fantastic start and I am thrilled for the rest...

You rock Santa!

Wow! Another message in the day! Plus the permission to open the (new) package! Honestly I couldn't ask for more.

Thank you again

23 Dec 2014

Sorry for not updating my profile. I updated the entry in the relative geeklist and neglected to do the same in my profile. I received the second package and thank you very very much; it was more than I expected.

Merry Chistmas and Happy and prosperous new year!
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