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Live long and prosper
You proceed from a false assumption. I am a Vulcan. I have no ego to bruise.
If you visit my profile, drop a line and say hi if you will! Let me introduce myself:

Hi! I am Leonie, a female gamer from the Netherlands, wife and mother of two girls, working in accountancy and VAT. In the second half of 2005 I unintendedly stepped into a small gaming group without knowing anything wow about the gigantic world of games. It was great and I was hooked Since then my collection has grown very rapidly. I have written several dozens of reviews of games on a dutch website and also from gaming nights. Still loving gaming and hoping for many more years of fun! Through the Geek I have found new friends from across the borders with whom we have played games face 2 face a couple of times already on our FTL-cons. This all started after this post: Re: Feel the love! Free thumbs & GG to be had for all.

Since then we have had several get togethers to play boardgames with international crew. You can read all about that in here: FTL.Con Guild

I'm the second from the right, front row.

And holding the baby in this picture in 2014(not mine )

In 2010 I encountered RPG on the Geek and I love it. My first character ever is T'Leynti, a female half-Vulcan. Since I found RPG Geek, it has become my first place to go on the Geek. Boardgaming is still a love of mine, but RPG has really stolen my heart. All helpful geeks, encouraging and open minded.

It started with a joke (entering the Trash Talking Thread on the Tavern) and it became so much more. I don't use any weapons, unless you count a phaser. Lots of different RPG's I have seen and played by forum and some also face to face now. Amongst them are:

Cryptocracy / Deluge / Fiasco / Pathfinder Roleplaying Game / Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

So far I have played Pathfinder regularly face to face. I also bought the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box so I can try my hand at GM-ing. You can read all about my road to the RPG side here:
My encounters on the Dark Side. RPG and I - a journey to the dark side.

For a great party on RPG:

My first face to face Star Trek: The Next Generations RPG:
First play ever!

I have been:
Love Spreader of the Week mb
GeekChatter of the Week mb
RPG Geek of the Week mb
VGGeek of the Week mb
BGG Geek of the Week mb

RPG titles:
Narl the Magnificent and Epically Awesome, formerly known as Summoner for the Empress Queen.
Brother Sister mb
The Dark Brotherhood of the Trash Talk - Memberlist
Rookie of the Year mb
Great Vulcan Keeper of the Logical Coin.

VGG titles:
Protector and Agressor in the skies above Arcadia and surrounding galaxies.
Assistent Pizza czar
Ambassador to the Tavern
Dictator of the week mb
Commanding Colonel General of Air and Space Force

I also have bought 100 microbadges in one day:
100 mb's mb

14th of September 2012 I got a big surprise, my own golden camel!
Item for Geeklist "The Super Secret Golden Camel Society" mb

My latest plays:

My latest RPG plays:

Great video:

Fun videos:

A few games from my collection:

RPG Geekmeets in Antwerp
First meeting
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game – Mice on adventure - Or how we rescued the prince but didn’t get the pie.
The Golden Knights written by Jan

Second meeting
Star Trek Next Generation play using Gurps lite – 3 Humans and a Vulcan on Khronos - I know naaathing

Third meeting
Star Trek Next Generation play using Gurps lite - Mirror Madness 7.5 hour session

Fourth meeting
Star Trek Next Generation play using Gurps lite – Tricked by the Dominion
Monster of the Week - Play at the RPG Geekmeet in Antwerp - Worms in Helsinki and Sex on the Bahamas

Fifth meeting
Star Trek Next Generation play using Gurps lite – Troubles with Klingons and their virus
Monsters and other childish things - RPG Meet in Antwerp - Plutonium!

BGG Visitors

Since 11th December 2014

I have also been visited by some Welsh users. Thanks!

U.S. States and Canada added August 3, 2010

Several of my avatars (I usually always have my favourite Starship, but on occasion change it for a short while).

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User Details for Narl
Registration Date: 2007-05-27
Last Profile Update: 2015-12-18
Last Login: 2016-05-04
Country: flag Netherlands
State: Zuid-Holland
Town/City: Oud-Beijerland
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Board Game Ratings 408
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6 81   (19.9%)
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4 9   (2.2%)
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2 1   (0.2%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 34
Average Rating 8.14
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8 17   (50.0%)
7 4   (11.8%)
6 0   (0.0%)
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#5: Yspahan
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