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Dear Santa (Part 2),

You are completely right! I cannot believe I did not consider those options! Growing up with those same games (with the exception of Uncle Wiggly) I cannot believe I didn't consider those games. With Candy Land they could learn some valuable lessons, especially how sometimes where you travel isn't really up to you. This lesson will definitely be valuable in those teenage years when we take family road trips in the cramped car. And with Monopoly the kids can begin to understand what it's like to be a successful (or less than successful) real estate mogul. Plus, I wouldn't want to deprive them of the hardships that come along with playing a complete game of Monopoly. Every family needs to go through that gauntlet.

Now that I think of it, I do think I have a copy of star wars monopoly somewhere…


Dear Santa,

This year has been very eventful. In terms of the big things, my family grew by one little one (my daughter Harper) and by one canine (our dog Nigel). I'm not sure which one is more needy but I wouldn't go back to a time before either one of them. I also am elated to be in my fourth year of teaching and finally being tenured!

In terms of this hobby that we all know and love, I've been hard at work in multiple aspects. I've definitely been too invested in Kickstarters (darn you Cool Mini or Not!) but as always I work hard to spread the enjoyment of this hobby around. I converted a co worker into a board gamer using a little Love Letter and Dixit.

My greatest achievement however was building a custom board game table for my best friend Jeff and his now wife Alyssa as a wedding present. You've got to love when your hobbies lead into newer hobbies. Of course... I had to build a table for myself as well. Thank goodness for Summer Vacation.


Curtis Huso


Welcome to my profile here on the geek. My name is Curtis Huso and I am 27 years old. My wife Nicole and I have two children, Graham who is 2 and a half and Harper who is 8 months as of writing this on 11/9/2015. We also have a newly adopted foster dog named Nigel. I am in my 4th year of teaching 6th and 7th graders as an Art Educator. I am very blessed to have what I do and I love being a part of this wonderful hobby.
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