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New Zealand
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Kia ora from Middle-earth! Specifically, the largest city in New Zealand's South Island, the earthquake-prone 'metropolis' of Christchurch.

I guess I should jot down a little something about myself, as that is what these pages are all about ...

Like most, my first foray into boardgaming involved the tried and true mass-market behemoths; Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and the lesser known Stratego. The later really captured my attention and I can remember a YMCA 'march break' camp where I sat at the 'top of the table' during the week long competition. Great fun!

My next boardgaming evolutionary turn was discovering 'cardboard crack', Decipher's fantastic Star Wars Customizable Card Game, in the spring of 1997 with the launch of its Cloud City expansion. Simply put, an amazing game! I have yet to find anything anywhere near as immersive as the window into the Star Wars universe that can be experienced through this card game.

During the autumn of 2000 my family moved from Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) and immigrated to New Zealand. Certainly a change of pace, not to mention climate!

Decipher's games; Star Wars CCG, Jedi Knights CCG, The Lord of the Rings TCG and finally Wars TCG were the focus of my gaming efforts until about 2004 when I discovered Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings SBG BGIME magazine supplements. My addictive nature and OCD saw to it that that new interest blossomed. Well, exploded! I soon had (and still have) substantial collections of Gondorians and Moria Orcs, as well as; Warhammer 40K's Blood Angel space marines, Tyranids, Tau, a horde of Warhammer Skaven and a pile of unassembled forest-themed Goblins!

A professional move to New Zealand's largest toy retailing chain in 2008 introduced me to the world of 'hobby boardgaming', which I have been exploring to one degree or another ever since!

I've found that I tend to prefer games that are heavy on theme, particularly those based on my favourite IPs, but am willing to try pretty much anything at least once. Over the years I have also discovered that games containing card drafting, worker placement or that are built around social deduction speak to me most and now feature prominently in my collection.


In 2011 I finally made the leap and officially 'joined' this online community, after lurking about the site since 2005. I came across BGG whilst looking for some more information about Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Collectible Miniatures Game, having purchasing the Revenge of the Sith starter box at about that time.

I quite enjoy keeping track of games that I've tried. Having taken inspiration from a local gamer, Gareth, I generally record game plays of expansions, as well as online and IOS matches, as '0.1's, rather than in whole numbers, adding a notation indicating how many times each was used in the session. This allows me to still record them and comment on my experiences without having them disingenuously blowing out my stats. I, for one, thought it was a clever work-around!


The local boardgame group that I frequent most, 'Christchurch Irregulars', meets semi-regularly on Friday evenings. Should you wish to either join in, tee up a specific game of something with me or trade some CCG / TCG cards - Sadly, I still have a few gaps! - please feel free to drop me a GeekMail!

Thanks for taking the time to look through my profile!

Happy gaming and MTFBWY!

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