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Nigel Twine
United Kingdom
Near Portsmouth
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"Hot 10" - The hotter they are the sooner they`re likely to get to the table.

My Ratings Guide: "The play`s the thing!"
10 Build a temple to the glory that is this game!
9 I want to play this game again - NOW!
8 I want to play this game again - soon.
7 I will play this game again.
6 I will probably play this game again.
5 I may play this again - with the right person.
4 I may play this again if the right person is persuasive enough.
3 I will never play this game again - unless I`m being bribed.
2 I will never play this game again and, like some Pharoahs, it should be erased from history.
1 "Take off and nuke it from orbit - it`s the only way to be sure."

Mainly participating elsewhere now.

"England contains this great crowd of noisy know-alls that are forever defending our enemies behaviour and crying out in pious horror against our own. Why our sins are always so much blacker I can`t fathom." Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE
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Registration Date: 2012-02-22
Last Profile Update: 2014-07-27
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Country: flag United Kingdom
Town/City: Near Portsmouth
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