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Dear Santa


Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for your generosity! A second delivery arrived yesterday with La Isla, Jaipur and an ACAB expansion! Brilliant! Fantastic! I am thoroughly spoiled! On top of that, Boardgameguru threw in some additional freebies! I have a lot of gaming to do!
We finally played our first game at the new house, in the new gaming room, next to the new fireplace last night - 7 Wonders Duel and it was brilliant.
We also played Jaipur and loved that too!
I have some house stuff to do today but we are planning on a gaming evening tonight and probably a gaming day tomorrow as the weather is pretty nasty.
Thank you once again for your generosity.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Best wishes, James & Sharon.

Dear Santa,
Just a quick heads up that you did mention a second package and nothing has been delivered. Just checking there is no issue or its lost or anything - we are very difficult for delivery drivers to find! I can contact post office if necessary?

Dear Santa,
Whilst in the depths of unpacking a completely full garage I met my new Postie. He gave me a package from your elves. I set it aside and carried on working. And working. And working.
Completely exhausted at about 7pm I stopped and decided I needed a treat. And oh what a treat when I opened the package! 7 Wonders: Duel!! Awesome!
I will have to admit however, that I tried to start reading the rules and fell asleep at the introduction! Not through boredom mind you, but exhaustion!!
Thank you so much. It was really nice to receive something so good and especially as it was also the first post we've had at the new house!!
My wife has made me promise not to do so much work today (Sunday, it's actually 5am so I could start and she'd never know!) so we might give it a run on our new dining table in our new dining room!!!
Thank you!

Dear Mr Clause,
Thank you for the nice note. We have just completed a back breaking day of moving and are surrounded by boxes as far as the eye can see! Don't worry, all the animals took priority and are happy in their new homes! It's just the two of us living in chaos! I might sleep with the dog tonight!!
Thanks and best wishes
James & Sharon

OK, a very quick note as the removal guys arrive in just over an hour and I still have packing to do!

Part two of the riddle:

Camels, sheep, and birds oh my!
But not an animeeple anywhere nearby.
Games for two players is the theme you'll discover,
Hopefully they help fill your Christmas with wonder!

Awesome! So much fun!!!

Thank you!
James & Sharon

Hi Partridge!
I am pleased to report some progress on the puzzle.
My wife and I attempted to solve it simultaneously and in competition. As usual she won. Admittedly, my attempt was pretty dismal!
Please pass on my thanks to Santa - we had a great time with it! It was actually hilarious, my wife used the words "wonderful" and "best ever", and when she deciphered any Christmassy words, she squeezed like a little girl! She was also hugely confused about some very personal references. I had to remind her that Santa is always watching! I only wish I'd videod her face and excitement whilst she was working it out! Excellent fun!

So part 1 solution is:
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the farm,
All the boxes are unpacked, no need for alarm.
Hopefully Santa can find his way there,
Bringing boardgames, picked out with care.

Part 2 is proving a little more tricky, but we're on it!

Thank you
James & Sharon

Hi Partridge! Cryptic message received. I'm on it!

Dear Santa, thanks for the note. One clarification however - is public indecency definitely out of the question?!

I have been a good boy this year! Honest.

Can you believe that I first registered on BGG in January 2005? Over ten years ago, and I’ve never participated in the Secret Santa? I know, shame on me!

Having come from a gaming family, I was brought up with weekly gaming of Scotland Yard, Mastermind, Scoop and various card games with my parents and grandparents. We had a special cupboard with battered copies of various mainstream games and pouches of 1 penny coins we’d use playing card games. My wife on the other hand had an older, gamer brother who would play D&D with her when she was little.

Both of us “grew up” and moved away from games, although we both played various PC and console games throughout our lives. When we met each other as students in 1998 I recall spending many hours in bed… playing Tomb Raider and Micro Machines on my PlayStation console and Killer Instinct on the SNES! (Why doesn’t somebody redo Micro Machines?!).

As we spent more time together, I bought an apartment in London and we started to pick up cheap mainstream games from ebay: I remember playing Hotels and Cluedo, but I’m sure there were more. We came across and were intrigued by a game marked as Spiel des Jahres. We researched it and bid. It went for more than we were prepared to pay. We researched it more and found a weird website called BGG which gave it great reviews and a local-ish shop that sold it. Off we went to Leisure Games in north London to pick up a copy of Tikal. Lo and behold it was out of print and hence the expensive ebay price. Being a chatterbox I got talking to the guys in the shop and ended up coming out with about 5 or 6 games!! Elfenland and Tigris & Euphrates were definitely two of them. Probably Carcassonne, Settler of Catan and Peurto Rico too. My memory is hazy and regardless, it snowballed from there!

So, as you might gather, my primary gaming “group” is my wife, although around Christmas time we meet up with her brother and others for gaming. Two player games are therefore important. We do have lots of 3+ player games that we always see and buy with the intention of playing at Christmas and summer family get-togethers.

We live out in semi-rural Essex to the east of London on a little farm at the bottom of a valley and surrounded by fields and woodland. We love it, together with four chickens, three cats, a dog and a horse! We are currently in the process of moving house even more rural and will be adding some more animals to the family!

We play most games, with worker placement and resource management being the favourite, together with co-op games. I think the latter comes about from my wife’s dislike of direct aggression in games.

We really enjoy heavier games, but lately unfortunately struggle to get the time or inclination to play them. When we do play them, we always enjoy them. Mostly, these days we try and find rules-light games we can pick up and play with minimal rules refreshing, but which still have surprising depth – we have so many games it is difficult to remember rules which makes the heavier games less appealing to pick up and relearn each time. A shame really as those are still our favourites.
Personally, I do enjoy the odd war game, but my only opponent is my wife’s brother so my wargaming is very limited.

Neither of us a particularly fond of card games with lots of text – LoTR and Star Wars card games, Magic etc.

Whilst we are very much into Eurogames, lately we have played a lot more thematic and crossover games: Robinson Crusoe, Zombicide.

We are both huge Stefan Feld fans as well as Rosenberg, Trzewiczek and Chvatil.

Finally, since we are in the process of moving house, I have packed up most of our games in boxes into the loft. Interestingly, I have kept a few out “in case of emergency”! These probably give a good indication of our tastes (in no particular order):

Caverna: The Cave Farmers, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Myrmes, The Staufer Dynasty, Bora Bora, Pandemic: The Cure, Bruges, Trajan, Russian Railroads, AquaSphere, Mysterium, Five Tribes, Evolution + Evolution: Flight, Viticulture, The Castles of Burgundy, Macao, Snowdonia, Finca, Keyflower, Terra Mystica, Zombicide (everything!), Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, Eclipse, Concordia, Amerigo, Splendor, Scoville, 7 Wonders, Mice and Mystics, San Juan, Jambo, Fleet, Pick-a-Polar Bear, Patchwork, Ghost Blitz

Addendum: besides amazon.co.uk, good deals can be found at
http://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/ and
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