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I spent a lot of time in junior high and high school with PnP RPGs (mainly Dungeons & Dragons) then moving into the end of high school, found Warhammer miniatures and we would play every opportunity we got. It was a fairly expensive hobby, but at that age I had some disposable income to spend and also enjoyed the painting aspect of the hobby.

Sometime shortly after high school, I had a friend introduce me to Magic: The Gathering. That would start an on again/off again hobby that continues to this day, although these days its more off than on. I should really sell off my cards and be done with it but I hang on to them for old times sake.

I don't remember the exact year when I expanded into other board games. I do remember my first eurogame was Settlers although I don't remember who introduced me to it. Boardgames became a great fit since as my friends grew older, got married, had kids, etc. there wasn't time available to spend hours every week on an RPG campaign. Boardgames were great since they didn't require a lengthy commitment and could be finished up in a night. Perfect!

I enjoy almost any type of game. I'm not very picky, but my interest in what type seems to wax and wane throughout the year.

Slowly working on painting the miniatures for my games, but I'm slow so it will be a long time until I'm finished.

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