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Please use Geekmail for all correspondence as I rarely check the email account attached to my BGG account.

SS 2015
Good to hear from you Santa. My list is all up to date. I still have on it 2 promos from the BGG Store but they are marked as Pre-order. Love train games.

Heard from Santa that items were delayed.

2015-12-23, I haven't heard from Santa recently and no items have arrived yet.

My target received his gifts but has not posted to the List yet.

2015-12-28. Heard from Santa. One item holding up the shipment. No worries Santa.

2015-12-30. Items have shipped. THANK you to Santa.

2016-01-03. Package arrived yesterday during game day at my house. We opened the package and promised to play each of the games. Quite the generous Santa. Circus train looks promising even though none of us had seen or heard of it. I think it will be a hit. THANK YOU!

2016-01-15. Finally got around to posting on the received list.

2016-02-13. Sorry Santa. I've been swamped at work and work blocks BGG so haven't have much time to post. We have played all the games.

GT:Missions gives the game some zest. A little different flavor and is good for 2 people.

TTR UK. Good expansion. Plays really different. May try this one with the dice. PA is another good map and like the stock thing. Though in both games you really have to change your strategy from other TTR versions.

Circus Train. We really liked this one. Not really a train game. Really worker placement (or gathering). Will have to play some more to get the most out of it.


Secret Santa (all years)
SS please use my WishList (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/wishlist/PaleHorseRider) as a guide. I use all the numbers 1-5 but all on my wishlist are worth getting. 1 to 4 are ones I'm interested in getting. #5 are ones I'm intrigued by but haven't made up my mind. Items cannot be sorted within numbers so the first #1 item on my list is the same as all other #1's on the list. You can even use the Personalized Recommendations (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/PaleHorseRider/recommendat...). Another ranking to use is my GBr (Geek Buddy Rating). I have put together of a list of similar ranked Geek Buddies and use this to influence my purchases. Lower than 7 I tend to shy away from unless I really investigate the game. Higher than 7.5 and the game is probably something I'll love. I have marked a few games as "not for SS" as these are ones I plan on getting myself in the near future. AND most of all THANK YOU to you and all the other SS's out there.

Here is the account of SS event's past.

Secret Santa, 2014


Target's assigned.

Subject: You're on my radar
Dear Friend,

Just this morning you popped up on my radar. I have read your letter and have perused your wishlist. I must say there are many things on your list and as you've been so good in the past, even after the 2008 debacle (too much eggnog for me that year, I guess), I want to make sure you get something you will really enjoy.

Would you mind to please update your profile letting me know the drop off between 1,2,3, and 4 on your wishlists? The 1's are very limited and may be harder to make. It looks like some were made by elves who have since retired or may be already in the works to be acquired by another means.

So you know, you should be on my early delivery list this year. I've got lots to do and you're at the top of my list. Hope to hear from you soon and Merry Christmas!


That was fast. The target's were just released yesterday. If my SS hadn't emailed me I wouldn't have checked for my target.

I replied back on my profile:
I have updated my wish list. Moved some stuff around and removed Trains-Rising Sun and 7 Wonders - Babel (putting in game order with buddies). Don't worry about the OOP stuff near the top of my list. Anything on the list I'd be happy to get.

Go for the free shipping Santa. I'll be happy.

Updated Wish list. I added a few things and moves some items around. Wish list numbers below. Anything on the list is good. If not on the list that's ok too. Just check any comments/ratings I may have made.

#1 = really, really want, want to order ASAP
#2 = really want but can wait
#3 = look like a good game but not sure if want to pull the trigger
#4 = probably interesting but unsure
#5 = need to investigate further, only if get a good price, or Math Trade fodder for my less desired games.

Subject: You've been very good
Thank you for your update in your profile. Don't count out the OOP stuff necessarily. You see I've just taken over for the old Santa and I'm only on my second year. I may be able to get some of the old elves out of retirement, but I wanted to make sure I understood your list. Your attention to detail on your list is quite impressive. I hope to make you very happy this Christmas season.

I will be talking to you soon. Merry Christmas!

Subject: Something on it's way

There is something small on it's way. Our shared enjoyment of this game made it an easy choice. Unfortunately no tracking was given, but you should receive it this week. Don't worry, there will be more on the way shortly. Merry Christmas.


Subject: Checking on your Constitution
Dear Friend,

I am in a quandary. I have tasked the elves with your specific gifts. I feel confident you will approve. However, they are a finicky bunch. They will not travel for free without a very light additional elf. How light? .02 light

I was wondering your thoughts on receiving a game, of slightly questionable theme, not on your list in order to travel for free? I don't care if you throw the game away immediately upon receipt, but I would hate to spend extra money on shipping. I think the GBR is significantly below your threshold

Please let me know your thoughts in your profile. My finger is on the trigger and I can release the elves if you are okay with that. If not, I understand, but will need to wait and hear back from the elves union on other options.

Go for it Santa. I'll be happy no matter what.

Subject: The Reindeer are on their way!

1Z1E5E940390327013. Your gifts are on the way. I was hoping they would be there in time for Thanksgiving, but the elves have to travel a long way. Hopefully next Friday at the latest. If you give the add on a play, let me know what you think

Also, you should be receiving a gift in the mail from a Marketplace elf. Can you let me know if/when you receive it?

Merry Christmas,

Secret Santa

P.S. I've tried very hard to stay anonymous, but I see you've tracked down several of your previous Santa's. If you figure out who I am, please let me know how so I can get better at that part as well.

2014-11-21 (or so)

My thoughtful SS sent a small expansion early. I wasn't even thinking and opened up the envelope right away. Stone Age: Casino! Cool. I had a copy of this but gave it away to one of my gaming buddies. I was in the process of trying to replace it. THANKS.

SS is still anonymous but I know where the item was acquired.

This evening a package arrived from FunAgain Games. WOOT! For once I did not open it immediately. Although the kids wanted me to.

Subject: Gifts Delivered
I've enjoyed watching your profile change over the last couple of weeks. Your kids are right, you should open the box! If you don't want to, that is okay, but I'm all for having new games to play the whole season. Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy.


OK. I have the official go ahead from my SS to open the package. It isn't naughty devil if Santa says to not wait and open the package now.

Per Santa's directive I did not wait to open my gift box. I did wait until the kids got up and we unboxed the game at lunch (breakfast for the 16 yo). Wow! Hansa Teutonica. I wanted this but it was OOS just about everywhere. Way to go Santa. And Pandemic Contagion. Other good one in the Pandemic series. These will get played this weekend. And a $5 coupon at FunAgain.

So quite a haul this year. THANK YOU!!!!

My entry in the what my SS got me list for 2014.
Item for Geeklist "2014 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me..."


For Sale
Here is what I have currently for sale. I'm not trying to make a killing. Just trying to make a few bucks and it helps me keep track of stuff to get out of the house.

Full Listing
Text Only

I've been entering contests for a while. I finally hit on the Pegasus Spiele 20th Anv one.




I don't mind unsolicited trading requests. But I want to get value in a trade. If it costs $10 to ship a game and the game you are offering me can be had for $15 I'll pass. I can just add it to a future game order.

My Hot Ten
These are my 10 currently most played games (in order). This is a rough estimate over the past month.

At one time I got a game and my group played it to death. And found out all the strategies and all its subtleties. Now, we like to try new stuff. We have a few favorites but I finally came to the conclusion that I've been sucked into the Cult of the New. Its not too bad once I realized that a new game is cheaper than going to the movies. And if I play it twice (or once for longer games) I've gotten my money's worth.

I started thrifting this week at the behest of my good and longtime friend MinionHunter (all hail the new King!). Three finds in my first week.

While sleeping, watch!
United States
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The production of Hoffman lenses is incumbent upon all true scientists
The tallest mountains, the darkest forests, the deepest deserts, the oldest books, there you will find the stone.

My first real find was a copy of the Acquire (1999 AH/Hasbro version). Complete and ready for trading/sale.

2010-10-26. I haven't been keeping track of all the edits to my WishList during the year. This section here is mostly for my SecretSanta so s/he doesn't get mad that I keep changing things. If it's on my list I want it. The numbers are just degrees of want. The list has been tweaked and updated for the upcoming SS 2010 event.

last major update, 2009-02-04.
Used Maiko's Correlation Tool (http://www.lautapelaaja.net/bgg/correlation.php) to find users with high correlation to my own ratings. Added all users >= 0.67. Then each game did a GeekBuddy Analysis to find a GeekBuddy Rating (GBr) and added it to the Comments section of games on my WishList. Also use Personalize Recommendations to add games to list. Found games with a high GBr rating (>= 7.0) and added those as well (have not done this part yet). Nothing "Gotta Have" on my WishList at the moment (2009-03-09).

New URL (20131225)

2009-10-11. Rechecked the tool and added 3 more users. Two were already GeekBuddies but had fallen out of my analysis group. I did not remove any one this time. Though a few fell outside the range.

2009-11-22. What happened to the "Personalized Recommendations"? http://www.boardgamegeek.com/spsearch.php?action=search&obje...


2010-11-29. Rechecked the tool and no new users to add.
2016-03-08. Added 3 to good list and 1 to anti-twin.

10 random games from my WishList

Logging Plays
I don't log my game plays. I would rather play than spend time recording how much I play or don't play. I do maintain my "Hot 10" as a list of recent game plays. I have thought about doing it but the I'd have to do it completely and log *all* plays. Too much work. I don't think I could do it just here and there.

Future microbadges to get:
(New Year's get from BGG a coupon for 3)

Lapsang Tea

Non Driker

National Parks Fan


Tent Camper

more SciFi (general, Star Wars, Star Trek, B5, etc).
Cthulu for President

Akira Kurosawa fan



Thank you secret santa for the presents

SS made me happy

Owner of too many unplayed games.


Based on seeing "What color are you?" in someone else's profile I completed the short quiz. I'm white. cryyuk

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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Top 10
#1: Cribbage
#2: Car Wars
#3: Advanced Civilization
#4: Supremacy
#5: Ra
#6: Carcassonne
#7: Galaxy Trucker
#8: Catan
#9: Power Grid
#10: Niagara
Hot 10
#1: Magic: The Gathering
#2: Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 – United Kingdom & Pennsylvania
#3: Galaxy Trucker
#4: Circus Train (Second edition)
#5: Dominion
#6: Alien Frontiers
#7: Cribbage
#8: Catan
#9: RoadZters
#10: Bisikle
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