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Games are like songs: you never get tired of playing the best ones over and over, and you can enjoy them all by yourself.
“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” (Vince Lombardi)
I was born in San Diego in 1955 and spent half my life in California before moving to Minnesota in 1986. Now I'm a married homeowner, living southwest of the Twin Cities with my wife and two cats. I work as an editor.

I've loved games all my life, but I probably play board and card games a lot less than the typical "geek." I've gone through phases of wargaming, strategy gaming, and social gaming. But I've spent a lot more time playing games solitaire than with other people. Now that I've gotten past my resistance to electronic devices, I've pretty much abandoned tabletop gaming for computer games.

Have a look at My Pet Gaming Theory in my BGG blog Solitary Soundings. It's the first post there.

I've also been posting to a VGG blog. It's likely to be more current, since that's my kind of gaming these days.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/p55carroll
Twitter: @p55carroll

My avatar: A bit of American Civil War clip art I picked up. It was titled "Antietam," and I'm guessing it's from a cartoon caricature of General McClellan as "The Young Napoleon." He's poring over a big book, and there's another barely discernible figure (a disembodied spirit of somebody?) looming over him from behind the bookcase. I'm kind of a bookish fellow and would likely make an even poorer general than Little Mac. And I like reading about the Civil War and playing games about it.

My badge: I play games solitaire (single-player) more than any other way.

I do think about games a lot, and I end up writing about them online. If I post a lot to the BGG and VGG forums, it's just because I like writing and getting discussions going.

My Top 10 and Hot 10 are really just a bunch of games I like, not necessarily in order. (I don't update either list all that often.)

Below is a personality-profile chart that shows my Enneagram type (6w5), Keirseyan/Myers-Briggs type, and Gardner multiple-intelligences pattern. (You can click on the chart to get to where I got it and get one of your own. It's free, but you have to set up an account.)

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Registration Date: 2006-04-27
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State: Minnesota
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Top 10
#1: Backgammon
#2: Chess
#3: Checkers
#4: Go
#5: Nine Men's Morris
#6: Dominoes
#7: Cribbage
#8: Rummy
#9: Mahjong
#10: Patience
Hot 10
#1: Lock 'n Load
#2: A House Divided
#3: Backgammon
#4: Cribbage
#5: Ancient Battles Deluxe
#6: The Battle of the Bulge
#7: Magic Realm
#8: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game
#9: The Ironclads
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