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Hello world (and dear Secret Santa )

This is my fifth Secret Santa, and I had a blast every year! I hope you've had a lovely year and that you're rested and ready for your big season!

Santa, I want to assure you that I've been a very good boy this year! I ate all my vegetables, took out the trash, was nice to everyone around me, and generally farted rainbows everywhere I went. References available upon request.

I started board games with Puerto Rico but I still love thematic and even Ameritrash games. I am a member of the Istanbul Board Game Enthusiasts, one of the very few BG groups in Turkey.. So unless you buy an incredibly culture or language dependent game, there will be someone in my group who will like it. But if you are going to get me something off my list, please don't forget to check the following lists. These belong to my close gaming friends and we most likely won't need a second copy.


I have grown somewhat content with most games recently. I have played and still regularly play "conventional" Euro games with my gaming group and that has slowed down my need to buy new games (plus, I'm broke at the moment ). I have started to look for different games, with new/fun/stupid mechanisms. Galaxy Trucker stays at the top of my favorite list, Ascending Empires is also a favorite. Feel free to pick weird games or games that you think I should play.

I would also appreciate games that are good for 2p as my wife is a very good gamer and we love to play against each other. Her favorite games are Ninjato, Caylus and Lost Cities.

I know shipping to Turkey is not cheap, so a light game or used games are fine. Keep in mind that shipping from Europe may be cheaper than from the US but the games are more expensive in Europe because of the Euro. Make sure to read Shipping info for Turkey, hopefully that will help.. And if you have any other targets in Istanbul, I'd be happy to help with local delivery or specialized taunting devil

As for general stuff, I'm a sysadmin at a bank. I try to play games at least twice a week with two groups.

Dear Santa; hope you get lots and lots of games as well

PS: And yes, me and my wife own Boom Boom Balloon.

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