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Have you seen me?
When I was much younger, I started out playing a ton of card and dice games. My parents liked games and taught me quite a few of them very early, starting with Cribbage and Rummy.

I use this site a lot, and have a lot of fun with it. My Top 10 games profile list are my favorite 10 games I've played more than once in the last 6 months.

My Hot 10 are the games I've played the most in the last 6 months. I try to rate and comment on each game I've played, even if only once.

I like to trade games, especially if I can reduce the volume. I have way too many games. BUT... it's never enough. Here's the top end of my wishlist, the stuff I will probably buy next!

Recently, I've been playing:

I've played video games since we got our Atari 2600 when I was about 10 years old.

Atari 2600



SEGA Genesis

Nintendo 64



Game Boy Advance

PlayStation 2


Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS


Xbox One

My favorite game of all time is Civilization, especially II and IV. I played CivII to DEATH. I was able to beat it on Deity level a couple of times without using any save game cheats, so you know I was playing way too much!

My VGG profile has games marked:
Unplayed - I probably bought it, and never got around to it.
Started - I started it and didn't like it, or didn't have time to continue.
Played - I played to a fair level of competence.
Finished - I finished the core game, or unlocked a majority of main content.
Mastered - I finished it multiple times, or unlocked nearly every bit of content.

When I was about 10, I was introduced to D&D by my cousin Tim. It was not until I was about 14 that I found some friends that also wanted to play RPG games. In high school and college, I played a lot of AD&D, WFRP, & TMNT.

During that time we got into quite a few Games Workshop board games. Then jobs and busy life got in the way. I hadn't played any new games until around 1999. Then a visit with my old friend Matt in California introduced me to the world of hobby board games that had developed. I was hooked. I got back into the hobby with a vengeance. I bought way too many games. Then traded them like crazy, tried out a ton of them.

And then I got very busy again. My company weathered the recession stronger than ever. Then I married my wife Sarah, had two children, moved to a house in the 'burbs, livin' the dream.

And now my son Henry is 5 years old and my daughter Katie is 3, and they ask to play games all the time. It's a dream come true.

My avatar is art from http://electricsheepcomix.com/apocamon
Patrick Farley's great web comic that has sadly lapsed without new episodes for many... many years. The first 4 are great though! If you use the Who's that Apocamon? selector and pick River Angels, you can find out all about my avatar.

Here's my gameplay summary from 2015, courtesy of this little tool:

 9   Tiny Epic Galaxies x32 NEW!
 8   Cube Quest x22 NEW!
 10   Go Away Monster! x21
 9   Froggy Boogie x15
 8   Tally Ho! x15
 6   The Princess and the Pea x15
 6   Sandwich Stacking Games x14
 9   Spooky Stairs x14
 7   Don't Break the Ice x11
 10   One Night Ultimate Werewolf x11
 7   Piraten-Pitt x10 NEW!
 7   Incan Gold x9 NEW!
 7   Blokus x8
 5   Liar's Dice x7
 7   Rhino Hero x7
 7   Red7 x6 NEW!
 10   The Resistance x6
 N/A   Age of War x5 NEW!
 7   Carla Cat x5
 9   Catacombs x5 NEW!
 2   Don't Rock the Boat x5
 7   Elk Fest x5
 8   Eminent Domain: Microcosm x5 NEW!
 8   O Zoo le Mio x5 NEW!
 9   PitchCar x5
 8   Qwirkle x5
 6   Timeline: Inventions x5 NEW!
 5   Destruct 3 x4
 5   Feed the Woozle x4 NEW!
 8   Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers x4 NEW!
 10   Electronic Catch Phrase x3
 7   King of Tokyo x3
 8   Odin's Ravens x3
 4   Pirateer x3
 7   Roll Through the Ages: The Late Bronze Age x3 NEW!
 8   Runewars x3
 6   The Ares Project x3 NEW!
 8   Triumvirate x3
 N/A   Unpublished Prototype x3
 5   Animal Upon Animal x2 NEW!
 9   Antike Duellum x2 NEW!
 8   Cartagena 2. The Pirate's Nest x2 NEW!
 7   Cartoona x2 NEW!
 8   Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre x2 NEW!
 8   Farkle x2
 6   Mouse Trap x2
 9   Pandemic: The Cure x2
 8   Say Anything x2 NEW!
 9   Space Hulk (second edition) x2
 7   Spot it! x2
 8   Terror in Meeple City x2 NEW!
 8   The Battle of Five Armies x2 NEW!
 10   Wits & Wagers x2
 10   Wits & Wagers Party x2
 6   Zombies!!! Roll Them Bones! x2 NEW!
 8   7 Wonders NEW!
 8   Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
 N/A   Aliens: This Time It's War
 8   Balloon Cup
 10   Carcassonne
 8   Carcassonne: The Castle
 7   Chaos in the Old World NEW!
 5   Colt Express NEW!
 N/A   Cthulhu Wars NEW!
 N/A   Dungeon Fighter NEW!
 10   Edel, Stein & Reich
 4   Enuk NEW!
 7   Fire and Ice
 N/A   Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue NEW!
 6   Jenga
 8   Laser Attack
 N/A   Libertalia NEW!
 10   Lifeboats
 8   Love Letter
 7   Lunatix Loop
 9   Magic: The Gathering
 9   Mega Civilization NEW!
 4   Micro Play-Break: Kingdoms NEW!
 N/A   Mr. Jack NEW!
 5   Old Maid
 N/A   Omen: A Reign of War NEW!
 6   Pick Picknic NEW!
 6   Pocket Football NEW!
 4   Risk Battlefield Rogue NEW!
 5   Robot Turtles NEW!
 8   Sewer Pirats
 4   Slamwich
 8   Smash Up
 8   Snakes and Ladders
 6   Snorta!
 N/A   Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion
 N/A   Star Wars: Imperial Assault NEW!
 N/A   Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game NEW!
 N/A   Takenoko NEW!
 N/A   Tokaido NEW!
 8   Ubongo
 7   Zombicide NEW!
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Registration Date: 2003-09-13
Last Profile Update: 2016-01-02
Last Login: 2016-04-29
Country: flag United States
State: Minnesota
Town/City: Elk River
Website: http://www.popebrain.com
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Top 10
#1: Lifeboats
#2: Tiny Epic Galaxies
#3: One Night Ultimate Werewolf
#4: Revolver
#5: Cube Quest
#6: Wits & Wagers Party
#7: Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
#8: Tally Ho!
#9: Red7
#10: Spooky Stairs
Hot 10
#1: Tiny Epic Galaxies
#2: Cube Quest
#3: Tally Ho!
#4: Age of War
#5: Don't Break the Ice
#6: Piraten-Pitt
#7: The Resistance
#8: Die Schlacht der Dinosaurier
#9: Red7
#10: Robot Turtles
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