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Juan Medina
United States
Cedar Park
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Board games rule my life, and my wife's. That is a good thing, believe it or not ;)

I love board games.

That statement summarizes my experience with the hobby. I am the kind of person that enjoys all aspects of what entails to have board games. Acquiring them, which means I get to browse online or at my FLGS for the game, getting them out of the box, sleeving the cards, finding creative ways to better store the game, and finally, sharing the game with other players.

My lovely wife also likes the hobby, a lot! So we both have built what we consider a pretty eclectic collection, but one that we are proud off and that we want to play many many times in its entirety.

I heavily favor the experience of the game and the learning of the game over the winning condition. In other words, I will play to win, but I don't really care if I do as long as I feel everyone had fun while playing.

I also heavily favor socialization during gameplay, which explains why I rarely play board games online or on the phone.

When you combine the last two "heavily" you will find out that I usually enjoy playing in a non-competitive environment where the idea is to enjoy the game, not do perfect strategies or dissect the logic.

It is hard to pinpoint a particular mechanic or type of game that is my absolute favorite because I put so much weight on the experience. Check my ratings, you will see many of them are based on the fun I had playing a particular game as opposed to what type of game it was (though I have to admit I tend to enjoy games with gimmicky/neat components).

This particular way of thinking has caused me to have multiple play groups. As of the writing of this, my four avenues of play are:

- A weekly meeting at my house with close friends, usually for long running games.
- Several game plays at home with my wife and sometime my kids ( I spend a lot of time playing/customizing games with my wife).
- My group of friends that I consider casual players, generally twice a month. This is my light/party game group, and when I play with them I never split the group. Goes usually from 5 to 8 players.
- Board game groups in the San Antonio area. I used to attend weekly to the open sessions but I am attending now sporadically if I can coordinate a particular game to be played.

For someone that likes so many different kinds of games, there is no other way to go about getting all of them played with the same audiences.

So making the time and the opportunity is what I look for. Getting the games and fixing them is really rewarding, but the best is to play them.

And I want to play them, because I love board games!
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Top 10
#1: El Grande
#2: War of the Ring (first edition)
#3: Defenders of the Realm
#4: Arkham Horror
#5: Ghost Stories
#6: Mice and Mystics
#7: Race for the Galaxy
#8: Flash Point: Fire Rescue
#9: Kingsburg
#10: Agricola
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