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[begin Dear Santa]

It's my first time doing this, so I took a look at and thus, in addition to expressing my gratitude already, here are few useful tidbits of info:
* I speak Polish and English BUT I prefer to get all my games in English so I can play them with my international friends. Please, NO POLISH-LANGUAGE EDITIONS.
* I live in South Korea (while visiting my Polish family/address for holidays), so if the shipping is better for you there, I can provide my SK address
* Another shipping trick is to order from local-to-me suppliers, but see the next bullet point. Anyway, a big Polish retailer with English interface is ; for Korea there's and but I don't think they have an English page.
* I am good at maintaining my collection list up-to-date (including promos, preordered, etc.), and rating games, so this should give you an idea of what I like. That said, I am also fond of hard-to-find local games; if you are from a non-English country that has its own board game publishing industry, perhaps there is something you think I may enjoy that is relatively unknown in the "West"/worldwide? To give you an idea of what I mean: as a Santa from Poland/Korea myself, I'll ask my "giftee" if they would like a Polish game or (selection is much smaller on that end, Korean), ex. I'd point out such gems (IMHO) as , , or (through we will have to consider how much shipping factors in here). It's cool to receive a game from one's wishlist, but it is also cool to receive something you may enjoy that you wouldn't have ever heard of before if you haven't met friends from a certain country.
* A brief summary of what I prefer: games for 2+ people (as much as I like MtG and TS, those see little play these days). I love coops, but my gf only so-so. We both like Euro's but prefer ones with theme, we are also totally fine with good American (rogue, action games) as long as they are not luck based (if the game is heavy on luck - common with party-themes - I'll probably dislike it). Heavy stuff is good. Given I play with a number of people who are only intermediate or so in English, having reduced language dependence is a plus.

[/end Dear Santa]

I have been getting more and more addicted to the board games hobby since mid 2000s. I got into it while studying in the States; these days I live in South Korea where I am one of the Meetup board game events organizers. I also visit my family in Poland for holidays.

In RL I am a professor of sociology (writing an academic article on gaming clubs and social capital), and an active Wikipedian (
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