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ASL ... yes, this is my Desert Island Game. If I have to give up all my 3000+ games and only allowed to keep one, this would be it. This bloody game stood the test of time. Around for more than 25 years - simply the best.
Devoted Follower of the Most Holy Church of the Evil Bob. Possessed and down the road to become chaotic, evil & naughty. All hail the Evil Bob and his Stargate.
meeple Hi and welcome!

mb I was born in mb in the Old World (Vienna, Austria) and enjoy boardgames since I was a kid - my parents infected me with the board game virus by buying me a 3M Speed Circuit at the age of 10. A cousin of mine translated the English rules for me and I was the hero of the neighborhood, having a game like this one! From then on, I love, play and collect all kinds of games (I also was very eager to learn English which was a nice side-effect).

mb Today my gaming life is a little reduced, having a family and kids *, but nevertheless, I try to get the dust off of my collection as often as possible. I converted the basement of our house into "Ron's Gaming Dungeon" ** where all kinds of games can be stored and played. We play board games, card games, role playing games, and wargames there. The only thing banned in my house are computer games - guess I'm old-fashioned.

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*) I'm happily married to Andrea (Fjaeril on the Geek) mb mb mb
(Meet us here: Item for Geeklist "Couples of the Geek"

**) Check it out by visiting my Gallery: Ronnie's Gaming Dungeon (Page 1)

Things about me and the Geek

Top Ten meeple I don't update my top ten or hot ten very often. I use both as 'my all time favorites' display and therefore, the games listed here do not change much.

Game Reviews mb Here is a Geeklist where I compiled all my game reviews here on the Geek. Many of the games I reviewed are not very popular, so the thumb score for these reviews may be low, but at least a few of these exotic items get some feedback. PzVIE's game reviews

Impact mb Games that really left an impact on my life are compiled in this Geeklist: PzVIE's very individual list of games that left an impression on his gaming career

Nickname mb My nickname derives from my many playings of Advanced Squad Leader, where I always liked to have a Tigertank (or Panzer VI E) in my order of battle. This behemoth can wreak havoc on a WWII battlefield. You can read more about this tank here: Tiger I.

Avatar mb If someone wonders about my avatar's overtext, it is the result of my response to this image of Stargate & Karlsen and subsequently stargate's evil and chaotic doing: Stargate converts PzVIE into a true believer

There is a Life next to Gaming. Is there?

Family mb There is my family. The (nowadays not so) little girl on the left is one of my daughters. As mentioned above, my wife supports and shares my hobby (not with the fanatism I have, but nonetheless). The fact that I present them after all the Geek stuff above is purely coincidental (no, really, believe me, honey!!!).

Music mb My second big hobby next to gaming is music, which I also share with my wife. My CD collection is nearly as big as my games collection. The image to the left shows one of my absolute favorite albums of all times: Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited. A masterpiece - like Advanced Squad Leader or 1830: Railways & Robber Barons.

Comics mb Comics do also reduce my monthy gaming budget and eat up a little space in my Gaming Dungeon. I'm a huge fan of funnies, especially the old Belgian school, Charles M. Schulz, Moebius, Don Lawrence, and many others. On the left is an image of Gaston, one of my favorite characters from the great Belgian comic-strip artist André Franquin.

Do you want to buy or trade?

Trades mb All my stuff is in excellent condition, usually sleeved and from a smoke-free and pet-free environment (unless noted otherwise). Please note that I trade promo stuff for promo stuff only. Thanks! My games on offer on the Geek Market Place can be found here: PzVIE's games for sale! Best prices on the Geek! meeple

Geeky Events

Avatar II mb 3/11: I've changed my avatar. Instead of the menacing looking PzVIE ASL counter I picked a completely innocent one - like Snoopy's friend Woodstock. Being also a comic book geek (and of course admiring the great Charles M. Schulz) I think he represents me well. I like birds and I'm playing with yellow. I also love music and I like to listen to the bands which played at 69's Woodstock Festival - and many others; see my Interest Page here on the Geek.

Microbadge mb 5/11: I acquired my 100th microbadge - Master Yoda. Very appropriate - my wife and I, we have a yearly 'Star Wars Marathon Viewing' (where we watch all six Episodes on two days [we do this also with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy]) and especially the overtext of this badge is a fine excuse for many of my posts in the forums. I wonder what I'll buy as number 1,000 ... ?

Golden Meeple mb 1/12: I've been awarded a Golden Meeple! Hmmmm... 10,000 Thumbs... that means that not everything I post here is trash, doesn't it? Thank you all! I'm honored.

RPG-GotW mb 3/12: I have been nominated RPG Geek of the Week #116! That was quite an honor and a fun week - although it took place during The Great Outtage of 2012, so I consider myself now the first RPG Half Geek of the Week. Here's the link to the thread:
mb RPG Geek of the Week #116: Ron (PzVIE).

Microbadge II mb 4/12: I purchased 100 microbadges in one day. This may not be a big achievement for mankind, but it sure is a Geeky Event. I even started a thread for it: I just purchased 100 Microbadges

GameChat League mb 1/13: I have been invited to join the GCL Gelato - to chat with a bunch of the nicest users here on the site about my favorite hobby. Of course, I happily accepted. No better place to talk about games than BGG - and especially the Gelato GameChat League!

BGG Contest mb 7/13: I won my first contest here on BGG! After more than 150 entries (and that lousy microbadge) I finally won! A copy of Queen's Dark Darker Darkest cooperative zombie survival horror game. It's a fine feeling to spot your avatar in one of Chaddyboy's contest threads: Queen Games "Dark Darker Darkest" Contest! WINNERS!. Thank you, Queen Games! Thank you, BGG!

Jack the Meeple visited Vienna mb 1/14: Finally, Jack arrived! (If you don't know Jack, take a look here: Forwarding the Love II - Jack the Meeple's FtL Adventure) Coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Jack the Meeple visited me and Andrea in Vienna. We spent a fine day strolling through the city and played some games in the evening. You can read all about it in this Geeklist: Jack the Meeple's Adventures in Vienna.

A Visit from Canada mb 5/15: User DaveyJJ visited my Gaming Dungeon! After we met a couple of times here in the forums, Dave informed me that his company has an office in Vienna, and so we agreed to have a game or two when he is sent there the next time. And so we met! We had a great time playing Combat Commander: Europe and Nations: The Dice Game. Pity that he only stayed a week! Dave took a nice foto - see here: My gaming hosts in Vienna ... thank you!. Thanks for the great evening Dave - anytime again!

My God, it's full of Stars! mb 4/16: I reached Geek Citizenship Recognition - Level V! Oh boy, I really was excited about that one! Other users deemed me worthy and nominated me for a star ... and now I have all five of them. Thank you so much, this is totally appreciated!

Geek of the Week #550! mb 4/16: Ryan has nominated me Geek of the Week. The second highest honor you can get on this site (highest of course is sporting a Golden Camel microbadge). I'm really happy about this - BGG is my social network #1 (in fact, my only one), and being GotW is truly a highlight! Here's the link to the thread: Geek of the Week #550 - PzVIE (Ron; Ronnie)

Thanks for visiting and happy gaming!

Me playing 7 Wonders If anyone wonders what my username means

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User Details for PzVIE
Registration Date: 2009-08-04
Last Profile Update: 2016-04-18
Last Login: 2016-05-03
Country: flag Austria
Town/City: Vienna
GeekMail: mail Send Private Message to PzVIE
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Board Game
Owned   4653
Previously Owned   57
For Trade   110
Want In Trade   80
Want To Buy   129
Want To Play   1
Preordered   35
Wishlist   11
Commented   571
Has Parts   1
Want Parts   0
All   5235
Board Game Expansion
Owned   1831
Previously Owned   14
For Trade   83
Want In Trade   59
Want To Buy   74
Want To Play   1
Preordered   14
Wishlist   6
Commented   103
Has Parts   0
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All   1964
Board Game Accessory
Owned   93
Previously Owned   0
For Trade   2
Want In Trade   2
Want To Buy   2
Want To Play   0
Preordered   0
Wishlist   0
Commented   13
Has Parts   0
Want Parts   0
All   97
Board Game 5
Board Game Designer 4
Board Game Artist 3
Board Game Implementation 2
For Sale 31
Sold 24
Rating 23
Board Game Plays 12524 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Board Game Expansion Plays 373 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
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Board Game Ratings 4964
Average Rating 5.87
10 174   (3.5%)
9 213   (4.3%)
8 562   (11.3%)
7 968   (19.5%)
6 1077   (21.7%)
5 808   (16.3%)
4 531   (10.7%)
3 395   (8.0%)
2 187   (3.8%)
1 49   (1.0%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 1828
Average Rating 6.53
10 94   (5.1%)
9 97   (5.3%)
8 293   (16.0%)
7 456   (24.9%)
6 445   (24.3%)
5 250   (13.7%)
4 130   (7.1%)
3 32   (1.8%)
2 22   (1.2%)
1 9   (0.5%)
Board Game Accessory Ratings 93
Average Rating 5.59
10 2   (2.2%)
9 7   (7.5%)
8 3   (3.2%)
7 20   (21.5%)
6 22   (23.7%)
5 13   (14.0%)
4 6   (6.5%)
3 13   (14.0%)
2 6   (6.5%)
1 1   (1.1%)
Top 10
#1: Advanced Squad Leader
#2: Age of Steam
#3: Outpost
#4: History of the World
#5: Rise of the Luftwaffe
#6: Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
#7: Funkenschlag
#8: Puerto Rico
#9: 1829
#10: Eldritch Horror
Hot 10
#1: Twilight Struggle
#2: Tichu
#3: Squad Leader
#4: Liftoff!
#5: Sixth Fleet
#6: Speed Circuit
#7: Trivial Pursuit: Master Edition
#8: Busen Memo
#9: Saint Petersburg
#10: Relic
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