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Don't turn me off.
A true friend stabs you in the front. (O.W.)
(Update regularly - I can’t help my self and keep rephrasing the words)

Truth be told: Bang! dragged me into this board gaming madness. It was a barbecue with a bunch of friends, several of us were completely drunk (of course), and all of a sudden someone stuck the hands inside the pockets (ladies, be warned!), got a little box out (yes, it was still that reasonable edition, the one that came only the cards), and shouted: "who wants to play Bang?".

Soon an old RPG mate (well, maybe it wasn’t only Bang! that dragged me into this after all, but RPG had been left behind long ago, in a distant place where it took too much time of a boy that still had study for the university entry examinations AND cope with a demanding girlfriend-to-be).

Back to the story. So, this guy came to me and said: "Sit down. You’ll have a blast! It’s like an RPG wild west thing, but much faster and without that player interpretation nonsense. I mean, you can get into the character if you like (and if you do, it gets much funnier), but you don’t have to". And there we sat and played until the drunkenness went away (BTW, this was not copied - at least not on purpose - from a bohemian poem).

There. My life had changed in that very moment. On the next day, while on aspirins and gallons of water (kids, refrain from drinking - trust me), I was browsing the web looking for a copy of the game to buy. Of course I couldn’t find it anywhere, as here in Brazil we only have monkeys, bananas, beautiful beaches (not so beautiful bitches, though), carnival, samba, and hot big-assed girls. (I know you know it’s not true, but let’s face it - many people still think so. Just sad...). But luckily I ended up here on BGG and an incipient Brazilian website about board games, in which I found out there was a group here in my city.

For my surprise, that group played regularly. And I’m not talking about Risk, Monopoly, Game of Life and stuff (which is all national market had - and still has). In their threads they mumbled on and on about a so-called Catan, Agricola-thing, Doom, Arkham and others.

Shyness left aside, I showed up on the very next meeting they were having and went crazy with Arkham Horror (you’ll only get to know whether literally or not, if we ever play together). I was attracted to the game mainly because of my appreciation for Lovecraft’s work (even though it’s reading can turn out to be rather truncated every now and then). Secondly, the idea of playing together against the game itself amazed me (I was then cooperatively devirginized). Finally, the RPG elements were the cherry of the topping. It was like the game was the lamp and me the moth, dragged right into it.

From this day on, things only went down the slope. I got to know more and more games. I was playing averagely 3 to 4 times a week (had an excellent job in which working time did not matter, only production - and I was pretty efficient on it). Little after that I was starting the collection that soon will turn out 100 (and I’m am entirely sincere when I say that I am not proud of it’s size. Not even a bit, as most of the boxes remain unopened for far too long).

Some interesting things worth telling about this period.

- On the day of the first game session I was going to attend, I was leaving home and the mistress asked where I was going. I promptly responded I was going to play a board game. She inquired me with whom. I said: "with some folks from the web". "Are you going to play online?". I said that no, I was heading off to their place. She immediately pondered if I knew any of them. "No" was my answer. Her look turned from intrigued to preoccupied. She sighed and stated: 'Give me the address. Call me in an hour. If my phone doesn’t ring, I’m calling the police and sending them in'.

- You see, Brasilia (the city I live in) is a very cold city (human relationship-wise). Things here tend to happen only inside and within the same group of people. A group hardly accepts new members easily, especially if the new member is not introduced by a member that is already part of that group. To have an idea, it is even hard to start small talk in lines. So when I was welcomed to a stranger’s home, introduced to his friends and had the opportunity to spend the evening with those guys I had never seen in my life, laughing, making jokes and having a good time, I was all and completely amazed. It was such a wonderful experience! Then I realized the astounding power of the board games.

- For as much as I'd like to tell you that I forgot to ring the mistress and the police barged in, I didn’t. I called and let her know everything was fine (but the kept ringing every hour anyway). And that's when SHE realized the astounding power of the board games.

As for my game preference, I believe I can say that I started mainly as an ameritrasher. I enjoy the unbalanced and overpowered stuff, the chaos and randomness and the dependence on players for balance. The name calling is also great part of the fun. Thus, I think I focus a little bit more on the game experience rather than on the dispute itself. And that is why I believe I don’t care much when I lose.

Nonetheless, I appreciate Euros too. And depending on the game, quite a lot. Sometimes I even refuse to play an AT to go into the streamlined, logical and clean design of the Euros. As for the genre, economic and auction games are my favourites.

But I've really turned out to be a huge fan of the hybrids. If you want my opinion, those are best games that are out there are, as might have already noticed from my TOP 10 list. A think they manage to capture the very best of both worlds. And for me that is purely brilliant!

By the way, as you may also have noticed, I think the best game designer on the market is Bruno Cathala. The guy really really has what it takes for designing and I really hope he keeps on with the great work!

For the record: Cyclades is the best game I’ve ever played and regardless of how much I play it, I always want more and more of it.

I try to rate games based on 2 factors: fun/experience AND design quality. Most of the time it doesn't work that well, but whatever! I also review the ratings constantly in order to fine tune them. Let’s face it: taste changes as our life experience gets broader. Besides, as we get to know other games and play the old ones again, the comparison factor gets into the scene and it is inevitable to review some perceptions. All in all, I think it is a good way to set up a solid personal game rating system. Especially because I think this allows the budies that research games based on my ratings to have an updated opinion.

TOP 10 - Pretty self explanatory, huh?
HOT 10 - Hottest girls I've ever hooked up with. Not really. Of course I can't list them here. The mistress My lovely girlfriend would certainly rip my skin off. So let's just say I'm using that to list what I think is hype at the moment. If by any chance you manage to notice that the hype has been in the same position for a while, chances are that it's to be considered an extra TOP 10 list (and most likely the top positions on it will be anyway).

In the garage - Is a new category I invented to keep track of games I still have not found the courage to sell/trade - be it because I like them (but not as much as others), or because they don't hit the table to aften). It is pretty literal actually. Those are all boxed and inside the garage closet. By the time [or if] I realize they've spent too much time there withou my missing them, it means it is time to get rid of them.

And this is it! (RIP Micheal - Not really much a fan of the guy, to be honest).
As a final word, if you ever show up here in town, do not hesitate to geekmail me and make an appearance on a gaming session. I’ll love to let you feel exactly what I felt some years ago while playing Arkham - nothing but laughter and great time).

Wanna know anything else about me or my thoughts on gaming? Just drop me a geekmail. Don't wanna? Drop me one anyway just to let me know you stepped by. I'll be glad to answer! laugh


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#1: Cyclades
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#5: StarCraft: The Board Game
#6: Imperial
#7: Quoridor
#8: Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie
#9: Neue Heimat
#10: Space Hulk (third edition)
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#1: Bruno Cathala
#2: Kemet
#3: Crokinole
#4: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#6: Doom: The Boardgame
#7: Claustrophobia
#8: Affentennis
#9: Battletech Introductory Box Set
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