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The Back Alley gets no respect.
Word Bubble of games rated highly on my "Jonesin to play" calculation. My Hot 10 is a reflection of these games I most wish to get to the table soon.

As of 2/28/2013, I need to fill in 16 days to complete my "logged a game on each calendar day" calculation.

Word Bubble of my All-Time Logged Plays as of 11/5/10, minimum 4 plays:
Blue are games I play almost only at conventions; Green are games played almost entirely 2-player; Black are games played almost exclusively with the kids; and Red are all the rest. Size is a combination of frequency and my rating of the game, so the number in brackets tells my absolute number of plays.
You can find out almost anything about me here on BGG, but it might take years to read all the stuff. I am almost over 50 and have two children--a seven-year-old girl and a five-and-a-half-year-old boy (well, now 8.5 and 7). I play games primarily with my wife and once each year at a major convention (we don't make that now, as it's too far away, but maybe some day). I like non-Cult of the New games and dislike "take that" games and wargames and "ameritrash" games to a lesser degree, as is evidenced by my wishlist, which consists of a lot of games others poo-pooh (like party games).

Regardless of what you see under "Registration" date, I've been here a long time [my user number is 609, and I put that here because it's becoming harder and harder to see in url listings--just about only GeekQuestions still shows the number as far as I can tell]. The oldest contribution I can find is a review of Santa Fe Rails, which I posted here on 2003-05-23. Update: I checked my oldest Geek List Item additions and found one from 2003-01-09 (plus some before that which have a default system date). Another UPDATE: 12-05-2002 geek list comments discovered. Obviously I was either delusional or backwards in my chronology above. Anyway, now I see that I'm listed as a 2002-05-23 registration date, which seems about right.

Below is a bunch of stuff about my old avatar, but since Gren Doogan is such a great fellow, I'm leaving it there. My current avatar is a plea for the powers that be to fix some of the broken windows in the GeekQuestions area of the site.

Some people ask me what my avatar is and the answer is that it's a bean. My traditional avatar was (and probably will be again) the box cover of Sports Illustrated Baseball, one of the greatest games ever designed. But I started hanging out in Geek Questions (www.boardgamegeek.com/geekquestions). It's a great, though mighty niche, place on BGG to hang and being the calculating fellow I am, I started doing monthly lists of "Excellence in GeekQuestions" to note who made significant contributions to that area. This was named The Bean's List, in honor of Orson Bean (long-time panelist on To Tell the Truth [a Q&A game show from my youth]).

Well to make a long story even longer, one of the fellows who hangs out over there in GQ is Gren Doogan, who happens to be an accomplished artist. He makes personalized drawings for GQers to use as their avatars (dubbed "grenatars") and for me, he made a "King Bean" avatar. Now you know the rest of the story.

I am nerdier than 34% of all people.

Met one of the researchers for this test today at lunch...interesting fellow. Not sure if I believe this stuff, though.

I saw on 1000rpm's page that he posts the results of this wonderful [url=http://mkgray.com:8000/cgi/gamercluster2]tool from Matt Gray
. So I'll do it too. (update: it appears that Matt's great took is gone)

based on a top 10 of: (4877 2604 2667 4642 4881 20100 5 41 492 152)
Best cluster match quality: 0.159041394335512
100 Eurogamer (Type 3) (5)
81 Eurogamer (Type 2) (5)
70 Eurogamer (Type 1) (5)
34 Amerigamer (Type 2) (5)
23 Amerigamer (Type 1) ()

It sure would be nice to have a cluster for "social (party) games" (which would be pretty much a spider leg straight up, slightly leaning left). That would make things look a lot more interesting for everyone (not just social gamers).

In calculating graphs for each of my Top 10, I get:
How to Host a Murder 100 Euro-2
Compatibility 100 Euro-1, 52 Euro-2
What Were You Thinking? 100 Euro-3
Sports Illustrated Baseball 100 Euro-2, 56 Euro-3
Personal Preferences No Results
Wits & Wagers 100 Euro-2, 31 Euro-3, 19 Euro-1
Acquire 100 Euro-3, 93 Euro-1, 72 Euro-2, 52 Amer-2, 26 Amer-1
Can't Stop 100 Euro-2, 75 Euro-3, 38 Euro-1
Aladdin's Dragons 100 Euro-3, 56 Euro-2, 51 Euro-1, 39 Amer-1
Mu No Results

So it appears I'd get more useful info if I swapped out Mu and Personal Preferences for my next games (number 11 and 12)

Guesstures 100 Euro-2
Scrabble 100 Euro-2, 48 Amer-1, 43 Euro-3, 36 Euro-1, 21 Amer-2

That gives a result of

Best cluster match quality: 0.143790849673203
100 Eurogamer (Type 3) (5)
99 Eurogamer (Type 2) (5)
75 Eurogamer (Type 1) (5)
51 Amerigamer (Type 2) (5)
30 Amerigamer (Type 1) ()

Anyway, I went through my ratings adding and removing games until I had 10 games that show up in the specific groupings' parenthetical lists. This took quite awhile and got me way, way down in my ratings to the 7s (or possibly 6s). That graph looks like this:

Best cluster match quality: 1.87722222222222
100 Eurogamer (Type 1) (3076 2651 555 9209 5 118 6249 1 2453)
38 Eurogamer (Type 2) (9209 6249 320 5 2453 2651 118)
37 Eurogamer (Type 3) (1 2651 118 555 5 9209)
7 Amerigamer (Type 2) (5 1)
7 Amerigamer (Type 1) (320)

So, I guess that means I'm an undocumented social gamer but when playing games others around here deem worthy, I lean heavily towards Euro-1.


I have to type this into forums so often that I'm going to put it here.

Randy's Perfect Rating Method for BGG...

10 - really great game
9 - not as good as a 10, better than an 8
8 - not as good as a 9, better than a 7
7 - not as good as an 8, better than a 6
6 - not as good as a 7, better than a 5
5 - not as good as a 6, better than a 4
4 - not as good as a 5, better than a 3
3 - not as good as a 4, better than a 2
2 - not as good as a 3, better than a 1
1 - not as good as a 2

I use decimals to refine the scale. There's no consideration for frequency of play. Just my gut feel about a game's worth.

My old intro----

Long-time gamer and collector. Favorites include Baseball (and other sports) games, murder mystery games, German games, party games, and card games (not CCG). I'm also known as a shill for the WBC (World Boardgaming Convention), which is a fine convention if you approach it with the right attitude, though I haven't attended since 2005. I'm also something of a Luddite, having never text messaged, not using any sort of instant messenger on the Internet, having never downloaded music, and owning no digital music (and only a couple of CDs that were given to me).

It seems to be the thing to do here if you were once Geek of the Week, so here's that link. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/102981

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#3: Acquire
#4: Sports Illustrated Baseball
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