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Michael Barlow
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Fine, thanks. How are you?
New Year's Resolutions:

1 Buy no games this year. Not BUSTED, just waffled. Sigh. But not sigh. Found The Grizzled. Leaped on it.

Waffle #1: Just bought Black Ops. It's a book. Update: mid-Feb, bought some 54mm Vietnam soldiers from Irregular for gaming this and other ideas. G4GG expansion for Carcassonne. Minis for Black Ops and Fightin' Fungi.

2 $250 Visas

January: Xmas spill-over, $350
Feb: Eat out twice at same restaurant, gas, $240
March: $93 (toy soldier order from Irregular Miniatures for Black Ops and Fightin' Fungi)
April: $500. Took my roommate Di out several times. She's worth it. Bought shoes for spring, so I can out of boots once in a while.

3 Limit frivolous spending: books, DVDs, CDs, craft shop ideas, chocolate, etc. But tend to do a not-so-random-act-of-kindness every week at work where I bring in sea-salt-chocolate-chunk-cookies, and those are $5 for 4 sorta BUSTED, I guess.

Solo-gamer, trying hard to downsize to a number of games that doesn't make me frozen in a sea of games, unable to decide what to play.

I've currently decided: 54mm skirmish gamer. Have guys for Fightin' Fungi, halflings, a wizard, and some modified skeletons. Picture one day.

Fan of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Increasingly a fan of large fonts on game components and small maps and boards.

Fan of Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame.

Fan of Sierra Madre Games, Worthington Games, and Minden Games.

Like the idea that you can forgo actually moving minis around if you know the encounter distance and cover between figures... should be adaptable to any game; DBx, encounter distance between two elements is 200-1200 paces, and PIPs are used to increase or decrease this distance by 100p; SOBH, encounter distance is randomly determined to be S, SS, M, MM, L, or LL, then activate and attack (movement-wise: charge, avoid) normally.

If you consider a "+", if your guys are in the lower right quadrant, and encounter enemies in the upper right quadrant, choices are as follows:

+you are down here.
1 Attack. Enter upper right quadrant.
2 Flank. Enter upper left quadrant.
3 Avoid. Enter lower left quadrant.
4 Stay put and seek cover.
5 Be caught unawares/stay put.
6 Bug out. Leave encounter.

Fan of: John Gorkowski, Richard H. Berg, Kerry Anderson
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#9: Silverton
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