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Cliff notes

I like games.*

Longer, yet short, version

Time for a confession of sorts - Much as I enjoy minimalist styling, in order for this section to be something other than nothing, I'm copying information from a local gaming group application. [This has since been revised] Associated tangents - some of my favorite things. There - something about me. If you're so inclined, check out my interests. They're mostly accurate.

How did you get interested in boardgames?

More or less recently, for reasons unknown, I had the idea that board games would be a nice way to spend time with family and friends and to meet new people. While researching this idea, I came across boardgamegeek.com and other online resources and that was that.

How long have you been playing board games?

I played board games when younger, mostly traditional fare. In the late seventies, my Dad introduced the family to Dungeons and Dragons. I'll never forget that... it was a new, fun, creative, and exciting experience - Very different from, say, Monopoly or Trouble. My Dad also designed games that he then taught me. At the time, I thought this was something all Dads did (I now realize how lucky I am). He then introduced me to the Fantasy Trip series, which led to Car Wars, Ogre, The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, and others. Outside of a few gaming occasions, fast forward to the near present. After finding several online resources in mid-2010, I learned about other games and the gaming community. It's been an eye-opening and fun experience. Who knew?

What is your favorite board game?

I may not be qualified to answer this question yet, but have enjoyed most of the games I've had the opportunity to play. Light to heavy, abstract to themed - Sometimes it's more than the game - It's the group. That typed, a good design doesn't hurt.

Open invitation

Whether you live near me or presently reside in Japan, which is a ways down the block, if you're interested in playing a game, ask. You never know. Granted, if you're on the other side of the world, we may need to set up the session a day or two in advance. Having access to a private means of intercontinental transportation wouldn't hurt, either. Then again, there are always online resources, though that may not be as much fun as visiting exotic locales.


[This space intentionally left blank]

* Not mind games, mind you. Game games. The type played for fun. Come on. Semantics.
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