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My wife is my primary game opponent or collaborator (co-ops i.e. pandemic etc) We are both pretty big board game geeks at this point and birthdays (for either of us) often involve at least one board game if not more.

Most of my game comments are intended to address gaming experiences for two players. I prefer the 2p experience in most games (there are some exceptions of course like El Grande and Dixit).

I started recording face-to-face plays midway through 2009, but I have been gaming since the early 1990s.

I have a couple of different groups I get to occasionally game with as well, but family and work are my primary commitments at this point.

Euros: I generally enjoy this genre of games. I'll take them in any weight from light to heavy, but my schedule is pretty packed these days with children and work so about 60 minutes (occasionally 90) is usually about all I have time to invest in a game. My wife and I enjoy Key Market, Goa, Alhambra, Vikings, Finca, and the list goes on...

Tableau Building Card Games: Race for the Galaxy and Innovation are in my top 10 games. San Juan is a solid game, but I usually use it to introduce new players to this genre of game.

Co-ops: What an excellent innovation in board game design. I have played Pandemic with lots of different groups and I have yet to hear someone say they didn't enjoy it.

Card Drafting Games: 7 Wonders is fantastic and I enjoy Among the Stars as well. For AtS we don't use the published 2-p rules, they are terrible (Two dummy hands; get real). We just strip out the extra base cards (things like turret, command centre etc.) and make sure there are just two of each base card and then shuffle in the specials, conflicts etc. The game is a lot more strategic, (i.e. you can do longer term planning) this way.

Deck-builders: My wife and I enjoy this genre of games, Ascension and Thunderstone are excellent however Dominion isn't a game I care for.

Dexterity: Not everything needs to be "thinky"; I enjoy Animal Upon Animal, Tumblin Dice and Sorry Sliders!

Party Games: Not usually my thing but Dixit is great! Balderdash is good with the right group (as with most party games the group matters).

Abstracts: Like party games, they are not usually my thing but i do like Hive and Day and Night.


I am open to trade offers for anything on my trade list.

I usually prefer to ship within the USA but would consider international trades in some cases.

In addition to the normal batch of mostly euro games on my trade list I am also presently hunting for some good kids games (the ones on my trade-for list), so check out my trade list and lets see if we can work something out


I have also designed a couple of microbadges. Check them out

mb Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields

mb CO2

Game Rankings

I don't use the official BGG ranking scheme for games. I prefer the following game ranking scheme which was suggested here on the geek.

My average ratings are high compared to others on BGG which is fine with me I trade away games that I rank lower, and trade for games that I might potentially rank higher, as a result my rankings creep up over time as my collection improves Also, my ratings reflect 2p gaming situations primarily.


10: Outstanding game. One of my all-time personal favorites.

9: Excellent game. Always a pleasure to play. Shines under most circumstances.

8: Very good game. Rarely disappoints me. High on my request/recommend list.

7: Good game. Usually willing to play. I might even request or recommend it.

6: OK game. Some fun or challenge at least. Enjoyable in the right circumstances.

5: Average game. I'm indifferent, but may be willing to play.

4: Below average game. I avoid playing and would need to be persuaded.

3: Poor game. Will strongly resist playing.

2: Very poor game. I refuse to play this.

1: Dead game. Seriously negative entertainment value. Black Hole of Fun.

Folding at Home

I am also a member of Team Board Game Geek which is the official BGG protein folding team. We are using our computers to help unlock clues to treating and curing serious diseases like ALS, Alzheimer's etc.

We are always looking for new members to join up!

If you are new and need help check out the guild and post a message; many of us are very experienced and can usually help new members get started with folding.

Check out the Guild at:


My Folding Stats at Present:


My Top 10

1 Pandemic

2 Race for the Galaxy

3 Ascension

4 Galaxy Trucker

5 7 Wonders

6 Onirim

7 Defenders of the Realm

8 Palaces of Carrara

9 Animal Upon Animal

10 Dale of Merchants

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