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I finally broke down and opened my secret santa's gift.
Thanks SOOO MUCH Secret Santa! I was blown away by getting Alhambra: Big Box, my family has loved it. The extras were over the top too, I hope you the best for this holiday and the new year.

I resolve to update and maintain my collection.

I resolve to respond in a reasonable time to the correspondence of my fellow members.

I resolve to edit my collections of card & board games, RPGs, video games, and toys down to what really "hits the table."

Finally, I resolve to cultivate more gaming in my life. I plan to host a weekly game night, and once a month each an ongoing RPG and ongoing campaign.

Some notes for trading:

To aide in finding a trade with me I have ranked all of my "For Trade" games as follows:

Very High : I'm practically in a hurry to trad this, make me an offer.

High : I am actively trying to trade this away.

Medium-high : I know I won't be playing this game much so I'm likely to trade it.

Medium : Will trade for something I'm fairly interested in.

Medium-low : Might trade for the right offer.

Low : More likely to turn down a trade than accept, still planning on playing this game.

Very-low : I'm very unlikely to trade this, most likely only if it gets me one of my most sought after games.

Similarly, I'm labeling my wants with the following:

Grail : my personal grail games, name your price

High : currently interested in finding and playing

Medium : interested but not actively looking for a trade

Low : passing interested, not going to trade much for this title
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