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Sam Phillips Beckerman
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All my "spare" parts still aren't listed on BGG, but they are all organized in baggies, baggies into alphabetized tubs in a dedicated bookcase. I've put back together the art studio in which this mess resides. Be aware that I am not prompt. Sometimes I only mail once a month.

Game Rescue: Most of the parts I have for trade are not listed in my collection - and not all of them are listed on the amazing Thrift Guild's 2013-2014 Spare Parts Geeklist. If you are asking for parts, check both lists and tell me everything you can use. Most parts, in small quantities are free. I'm blessed with a nearby Goodwill Outlet that sells everything by the pound. I anticipate my supply to continue to grow until there are tunnels through the stacked bits. Because of the number of requests I'm filling, I must ask for reimbursement of postage and padded envelopes.

Trades: I LOVE TO TRADE, but I prefer to do multiples or no-ship trades to keep postage per game reasonable. Local trades are best, and I check for trades on my route when I travel. I'm open to a sale of anything for trade.

Me & Games: Austin is blessed with many game stores and many boardgame Meetup groups. I play several times per week. I am always on the lookout for designers and creative types to play with. And would love to have some players my age in my gaming circle. With game thrifting, parts fulfillment, BGG, game design, and game pimping I spend time on this hobby every day unless I'm traveling. That's possible because I was lucky enough to sell my business at 50 and have not worked since.

I value games with high production values. I look for ways to pimp games that have tiny cardboard bits. My studio has tons of supplies including game components and I enjoy both the planning and executing of a game upgrade. After 15 months in my home, the Studio & Gameroom are finally set up and I've started hosting both game parties and DIY workshops.

I played with friends, MeetUp groups in two states (Houston & Reno), and Mensans for over a year before being confident enough about what I liked to start building my own collection.

I love BGG - I hang out with the Thrifting Guild, the DIYers & Designers forums. I've been trading games, buying at auctions, and exchanging missing bits with other thrifters. I was on the first ever BGG@Sea - yes, a boardgame cruise!!!

Been to 1- BGG@sea, 4-Mensa Mind Games, 1-St. Louis's Geekway, 4-Austin Boardgame Bash, 2-SaltCON, and 4-BGG.con. My Gaudi prototype came in 2nd for the 2012 PolyPrize. Gaudi and Words of a Feather took 2nd & 3rd in SaltCON's 2013 design contest.
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#9: Java
#10: Puerto Rico
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