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Benjamin Symons
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My gaming history

As a kid, I enjoyed playing board games with kids/friends from our neighbourhood. Mostly games with little soldiers or a war-theme, like Risk and Lionheart, but also other games like Catan and (I'm ashamed to admit it) Monopoly too...When we grew up, we started to focus more on videogames (pc and xbox), though never obsessively.

In 2004 we started playing The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game, a miniatures game by Games Workshop. My friend and I really enjoyed it and even joined the Belgian competitive scene (bi-monthly regional tournaments leading up to the finals, where the winner would get a ticket to the Grand Tournament in the UK).
The whole Belgian tournament scene had collapsed by 2007 though and since I went to university in september of that year (graduated with a Masters' degree in History, september 2012), we lost contact and quit playing The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game (though I still have all my miniatures).

By reading a lot about 1/72 scale miniatures on plasticsoldierreview, a cool-looking boardgame called Samurai Swords brought me to this website. And here I discovered a wealth of information on a lot of boardgames. That's when the madness started...

The first hobby game I bought, back in 2008, was A Game of Thrones (first edition), since I'd read the books (after I'd gotten intrigued by one of the DarkSword Miniatures of 'The Hound') the next year I bought Memoir '44 and created a BGG-account. After I purchased a few of the Memoir '44 expansions, the flood gates were opened: I had been bitten by the boardgame-virus!

Gaming tastes

Since I've kinda been introduced into the world of hobby gaming through a miniatures game, I'm still quite biased towards games with miniatures and I often get as much enjoyment from painting the miniatures in a game as I do from playing the game itself.
I guess my tastes tend to be mostly on the Ameritrash side (a gaming friend of mine once made the remark: "It's a game with lots of dice-rolling, so you're certainly gonna like it...."). I do however greatly enjoy simple card games like Machiavelli, Bohnanza or The Boss as well as Eurogame classics like Settlers and Carcassonne.
Games with Battles, a fantasy- or war-theme draw my attention quite easily.

Gaming opponents

I play a lot of my boardgames solo, not just the games that have solo-rules, the normal ones as well. Most of the time this is just to get a good grip on the rules so they're easier to explain to new players. A few 2-player games (like Memoir '44, BattleLore, Battles of Westeros,...) are surprisingly enjoyable when played solo.

I play board games with a number of different opponents/groups as well:

- A semi-regular group (though varying in size from one to four other players) of students in Louvain. Here we play mostly Ameritrash-type games. Memoir '44, Battles of Westeros, Risk Legacy & Doom: The Boardgame are just a few of our favorites.

- Another group of old friends, gathering bi-monthly in our hometown. Here we play a great variety of genres: simple card games like Hearts or Whist (but real game card games like FBI, Ruse & Bruise or Condottiere as well), ameritrash like Ikusa or DungeonQuest (third edition), eurogames like Settlers, Medina,... But our most beloved game is A Game of Thrones (first edition).

- My girlfriend has become a regular opponent as well. Before we met, she never really played any boardgames. She doesn't even own a copy of Monopoly (which isn't a bad thing) but recently she 'confessed' that I made her discover how much she likes playing boardgames. We play a lot of one-on-one Citadels, but she's played and enjoyed a few other games like DungeonQuest (third edition), Drakon (third edition), Elder Sign, Carcassonne and especially Bohnanza. She even started buying games herself: Pickomino and the Würfel Bohnanza. I've even been able to introduce her to Small World!

- I regularly played a game of Carcassonne, Bohnanza or Catan with my mom. She passed away on december 13th 2014. Though it's less often (and feels different), my sister Annelies and I do try to honour her memory with a game of Carcassonne.

Recently Played

Top 10
If I would only be able to keep 10 of my games, it would be these titles. They're not listed in any particular order.

Hot 10
I'm participating in the 10x10 Challenge again. These ten games made the list, and Dice Masters is the eleventh (back-up) game.

My wishlist has been ranked in descending order.

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Top 10
#1: Carcassonne
#2: Memoir '44
#3: Catan
#4: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game
#5: Zombicide
#6: Small World
#7: Summoner Wars
#8: Takenoko
#9: 7 Wonders
#10: Dominion
Hot 10
#1: Summoner Wars: Master Set
#2: Dogs of War
#3: Takenoko
#4: Ghost Stories
#5: Small World
#6: Carcassonne
#7: Terror in Meeple City
#8: Love Letter
#9: Samurai Spirit
#10: Hanabi
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