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Benjamin Symons
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My gaming history

As a kid, I enjoyed playing board games with kids/friends from our neighbourhood. Mostly games with little soldiers or a war-theme, like Risk and Lionheart. But games like Catan and (I'm ashamed to admit it) Monopoly as well... When we hit puberty, our focus shifted to videogames (pc and xbox) a bit more, though we never stopped playing boardgames entirely.

In 2004 we started playing The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game, a miniatures game by Games Workshop. My friend and I really enjoyed it and even joined the Belgian competitive scene (bi-monthly regional tournaments leading up to the finals, where the winner would get a ticket to the Grand Tournament in the UK). The whole Belgian tournament scene collapsed by 2007 and since I went to university in september of that year I didn't have much time to play the game anymore (though I've still got all of my miniatures).

By reading about 1/72 scale miniatures on plasticsoldierreview, a cool-looking boardgame called Samurai Swords led me to Boardgamegeek. Here I discovered a wealth of information on a lot of boardgames.

The first hobby game I bought, in 2008, was A Game of Thrones (first edition). I'd read and enjoyed G.R.R. Martin's books and regularly played the game with a few of my housemates. The following year I bought Memoir '44 and created a BGG-account. After I purchased a few of its expansions, the flood gates were opened: I had been bitten by the boardgame-virus!

Gaming tastes

As I've entered the world of hobby gaming through a miniatures game, I'm still quite biased towards games with miniatures and I often get as much enjoyment from painting those as I do from playing the game itself.

So I guess my tastes tend to be mostly on the Ameritrash side of the spectrum (a gaming friend of mine once made the remark: "It's a game with lots of dice-rolling, so you're certainly gonna like it...."). I do however greatly enjoy simple card games like Machiavelli, Bohnanza or The Boss as well as Eurogame classics like Settlers and Carcassonne.

Games with Battles, a fantasy- or war-theme draw my attention quite easily. But my interests have become broader over the years. I enjoy relaxed deckbuilding or worker placement games just as much now.

Gaming opponents

I play a lot of my boardgames solo. Not only the games with solo-rules, all of them. Most of the time I do this just to get a good grip on the rules so that it's easier to explain the game to new players. A few 2-player games (like Memoir '44, BattleLore, Battles of Westeros,...) are surprisingly enjoyable when played solo.

I play board games with a number of different opponents/groups as well:

- I regularly played Carcassonne, Bohnanza or Catan with my mom. She passed away on december 13th 2014. Though it's less often (and feels different), my sister Annelies and I do try to honour her memory with a game of Carcassonne.

- My girlfriend has became a fierce opponent as well. Before we met, she never really played any boardgames. She doesn't even own a copy of Monopoly (which I don't mind). But spending the last 4 years together with a board game afficionado (even moving in together in september 2014) have turned her into a cunning gamer as well. I'm glad I made her discover how much she likes playing boardgames. Currently her favourite games are Dominion and Takenoko. She's willing to try out any games that don't look too complex,though sometimes she needs some persuasion to try out games - that she does like afterwards)

- As often as I can, I try to visit my FLGS Demo-Spel in Louvain. Shopkeep Robin does a very good job a running his store and providing local gamers with a fun place to gather. Sometimes I go there with friends, but often I just make my acquaintance to other gamers hanging out there - this has led to me meeting a variety of nice people and great gamers.

- I used to gather with some old friends in my hometown on a monthly to bi-montly basis to play a great variety of genres: simple card games like Hearts or Whist (but "real game" card games like FBI, Ruse & Bruise or Condottiere as well), ameritrash like Ikusa or DungeonQuest (third edition), eurogames like Settlers, Medina,... But our jobs and the day to day business of grownup life (as well as moving out of town) have been a bane to these gatherings...

- And then there's my good friend Jo (Gaston2010), who doesn't really fit into any of the previous categories. I met him at a Lord of the Rings tournament and we've been going through quite the same journey gaming-wise. In 2011 we started going to Spiel Essen and we've been going ever since.

Recently Played

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If I would only be able to keep 10 of my games, it would be these titles. They're not listed in any particular order.

Hot 10
I'm participating in the 10x10 Challenge again. These ten games made the list, though they might change as the year progresses.

My wishlist has been ranked in descending order.
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Top 10
#1: Carcassonne
#2: Memoir '44
#3: Catan
#4: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game
#5: Small World
#6: Summoner Wars
#7: Takenoko
#8: 7 Wonders
#9: Dominion
#10: Zombicide: Black Plague
Hot 10
#1: Takenoko
#2: Small World
#3: Carcassonne
#4: Dominion
#5: Galaxy Trucker
#6: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
#7: Zombicide: Black Plague
#8: Patchwork
#9: Alchemists
#10: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
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